Podcast episodes re: rest day/rest week adaptions?

New-ish subscriber here - midway through my rest week for for Sweet Spot Base Mid-volume 2. My introduction to TR was via the podcast after picking up cycling again after a many year lapse last summer and indoor riding in the fall.

I was hoping to get pointed to some podcast episodes that address what/how adaptions occur during rest weeks. The comment is frequently (and logically) made that adaptions do not occur during the actual work, but in the recovery process, and I’m curious about how that differs between weekly rest days and periodic rest weeks. I assume this must have been covered already, but searching hasn’t turned up any specific episodes of the pod to checkout. Can any long time listeners point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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Not sure which ones really have what you want, but I found these in search.

More are possible in these search results:



‘Optimized recovery’ and nutrition are a the topics I’ve seen covered most. What I’m particularly interested in is, from a physiological perspective, what goes on during recovery from chronic, accumulated loading over the course of a training block. Muscle fiber growth, mitochondrial proliferation, changes in glycogen storage potential, etc.

Good call in pointing to the blog - that’s one segment of the TR portfolio that I’ve definitely underutilized. Thanks so much, Chad!


Yeah, not sure which ones address you specific question. That’s hard to search on to a fine point.

Good luck on your search. :smiley:

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This can be helpful to you in this matter:

Adaptations occur during rest week but also between workouts (coach Chad also mentioned this recently when talking about stamina). That is why you have progressive overload.


Why do so many people mistakenly believe that adaptations only occur during rest weeks, when all of the scientific literature reports that detraining starts to occur within a few days?