Rest & Recovery, Motorpacing, Short Zone 2 Workouts & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 196

We had a bad upload of the podcast with “tick tick tick” in it. It’s now been fixed. If you’re still hearing it refresh your podcast app.

Sorry about that.

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Same same. lmfao. That is ridiculous. Of course, the TR guys aren’t paying that. But thanks for the promo for it.

That race day bag seems to pricey in my opinion. I just got a bag from Pedal Industries and I LOVE IT. Fits everything and has labels so it acts as a “race day checklist” along with an organization tool. It’s awesome.

Nate did remind me to put a trash bag and a plastic grocery bag for dirty kit in mine. Good call @Nate_Pearson!


Seconded! Got it for Christmas. Love it!

Which product did you get for Christmas and love?

Sorry…the Pedal Industry Race Bag. So organized, there is a Pocket for everything!

Since Nate and Chad suggested using the cool down extension to add endurance TSS @ ~65%, I thought I would ask here again, to PLEASE remove/increase the +200% limit on intensity changes. I really like doing just what you guys suggest, but 200% higher than the end of workout power (Which is usually very low) does not allow to increase to 65%. I could just end the ride and start up Baxter or Pettit, etc., but sometimes I don’t want to kill the momentum.

Is this a hard thing to change? Intuitively it would seem to be easy. FIngers crossed! Thanks!


@chad @Nate_Pearson any chance you could provide some of the literature mentioned about Zone 2 training? Love that you guys mention real research over purely anecdotal evidence.

Seeing the numbers and science behind training always helps me focus on the task at hand better. Especially when the pain sets in. Any sources cited about training in future would make me a giddy TR user

I have. Pedal Industries race bag. It is totally customizable and has backpack straps like Jonathan was wanting.

I prefer this Pedal Industries race bag

You could also swap to Resistance or Standard mode and set power with the mode setting along with your gearing. Not great, but another option in extending the initial workout.

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Sorry to be a broken record (I had a similar complaint about the race analysis videos), but for me the overall audio level of the podcast is way too low.

Right now I’m on a train and my phone volume is almost on maximum, way higher than I’d have it for music for example.

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Great trick for motor pacing that you guys missed. If you are using power, Mount your computer to the scooter drivers bars. Set up the screen to show percent of ftp and explain that once it gets over 100 percent your not gonna be able to hold it for long without some breaks. This way a cyclist driving can give you a vicious workout, and a non cyclist will not pull away too fast all the time.

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The sound level was way lower than usual on the last podcast. Maybe because of tick-removal?
Usually it is OK.

@Nate_Pearson has Scicon removed the option for personalization on bags? Can’t seem to see where you can actually do it on the website, go all the way through Place Order and it never comes up before actually ordering.

Race packing tip - I leave some standard stuff in the ride/race bag as backups or just so you don’t have to pack them every time. Here is what I leave/store in my bag permanently (based largely on stuff I have forgotten over the years :wink:

Race licence
A couple gels and bars
safety pins in an small Altoid tin
backup gloves (my old pair just goes in the bag when I get new ones)
pair of socks
folding allen key set
I happen to have a backup flat kit (tube, CO2 and a lever in a baggy) so I just store that in my bag
old pair of sunglasses (might as well be in the bag just in case-I can’t ride without eye pro)
charging cord for my Garmin

I did not do this for packing purposes but it has worked out great that all my bike stuff from the bike to all my clothes is stored n the same room and most of it is visible. I can stand there after packing and just look down the mental list as i dress myself and start riding and literally see if Ii am missing anything. If I can see it, its not packed :wink:

I’ll add to this;
Zap Straps and side clippers
Scissors and packing tape

Both are handy for mounting numbers to frames and trimming them down and taping edges together to make aero.

Another race/ride packing tip for Di2 folks who still have removable batteries - hang something on your bars whenever your battery is in the charger . . . .

I thought this was clever so I sprung for the $2.29 on eBay.

Got half way through this one on my commute. I hear that @Nate_Pearson uses beetroot powder to make up drinks. Don’t know if it is available in the US but these beetroot shots are really handy and I’ve never had any GI issues from them.