FTP and Physiology, Sprinting Mistakes, 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 195

What actually happens to your body when your FTP increases. sprinting mistakes you are probably making, our 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo strategy and more all in Episode 195 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast. Join us live at 8:00am Pacific!

Note: We are testing out a whole new audio/video system. If something doesn’t sound right or you have a suggestion to make it better, please let us know in the comments! Thanks for joining us today!

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Live Notes

TrainerRoad Youtube Channel:

The race course for Cal Aggie Crit:

Nate’s Race file for Cat 4 Cal Aggie crit:

24 Hours in Old Pueblo:

Nate’s tire choice for 24 HOP:



Jonathan and Pete’s tire choice:

Light & Motion bike lights:

SIS Beta Fuel:

TrainerRoad Reviews:


Calendar Export:

Intro Workout:


Elite Quick Motion Rollers:


Tacx Neo 2:

CycleOps Hammer:


Wahoo Kickr:


Great episode, thanks for putting me on the advanced listener list :wink:


I don’t see any mention of @ambermalika in the show notes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No Amber, no peace!


We should all go listen to Lances podcast if Amber isn’t on :frowning:


Fully agree…and re-visit my 5 star recommendation :grinning:


Nice shameless “Get Faster” mugs plug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


@Nate_Pearson, are you trying Whoop?

Great commentary by Jeff Linder who got 2nd place in P/1/2 field in the Cal Aggie Crit.


Hi guys, when I do the ramptest, the result for me is too high to be viable for training. Currently I’m using 72% of my best minute, rather than 75%. Do you think this is a reasonable solution or does it indicate a problem? Thanks, Ruben.


I dunno @Nate_Pearson, this look like more than a 1/4 wheel to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to the race analysis!


Shoot! Seemed closer in real life!


Yah, trying it out.

Nice, I got one a month ago. I think the data it provides is extremely interesting so far. Though I’ve been sick or on vacation for essentially the entirety of January, so my baselines are a bit off from the norm.

Some advice, I’ve found that if I wear the strap on my bicep during workouts it mimics my chest strap. When I wear it on my wrist for workouts the numbers are way off, though when I wear it on my wrist and say sit on the couch my HR is accurate.

Another great episode.

I’ll be looking for the Beer Genie at 24HOP. I’m heading out there as a solo rider. I’m interested in your tire selection. I’m all for a fast rolling tire, and currently run the Aspen or Ikon on my rear, but up front, the Aspen, I’d think would provide much grip for the corners.

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Looks like about 3/4 of a bike. :slight_smile:
Also, looks like @Nate_Pearson is sitting up already?? He isn’t over the finish!
(Nice job, gents! @RJones07, the white kit looks sharp!)

I have a question about the something that was talked about on the podcast that I do just about every workout. I always extend the warm up and cool down to add some TSS and adjust the cool down intensity up some. My question lies in that the IF drops doing this along with NP should I worry about this at all or just ignore it because the workout itself would be the prescribed IF and NP?


Worry about what? The work hasn’t changed you just added filler TSS.


@Nate_Pearson congrats on your strong finishes! You almost got half of your upgrade points and sounds like you are already fit enough to score points in a 1/2/3 race. Sounds like your ftp isn’t much higher than in previous years, have you been focusing more on the <=5 min end of your power curve?

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@Nate_Pearson. Apple Watch on left wrist - what’s on right?