New to TrainerRoad; Plan feature recommending “Breakthrough” rides only?

Hello all!

First post on the forum but I’ve been listening to the podcast for quite a few months now. Today will mark my 3rd TR workout. I’ve been focusing primarily on “Productive” workouts via the “Train Now” feature.

I decided to try the Plans feature, as it might be a more structured way to build my abilities on the bike. However, I was surprised to see that everything recommended is a minimum of level-4 workouts, which are in the “breakthrough” category for me.

I’m a 69kg rider with an FTP of 225 (tested two weeks ago).

Pretty much all of my progression levels are at 1.0 except Sweet Spit (1.8).

Are level 4 workouts a reasonable jump from level 1 or is the ML system giving me more than I can chew?

If I’m being a big pussy please call me out on it! Haha. This is my first dive in training after years of riding but I have to admit some of the suggested workouts look quite intimidating, like this one lol:

Thanks in advance!

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Probably best to start with an email to so they can review this. Adaptive Training is still in beta, and could be doing something undesired. Or there could be a setting issue on your side that may be influencing things. They can check that all pretty quickly.

did you use plan builder to construct a base-build-specialty cycle or did you just pick a plan to start doing? this workout is from short power build and general build, so adaptive training won’t change the levels for you. As it stands, you won’t see any adaptations for either of these build plans

I tried looking at the base-build-specialty plans and all 3 recommended I do breakthrough workouts. I just looked at the “Plan Builder” and everything there also starts at level-4.

The plans are generic until you actually add them to your calendar I think. Go through plan builder, get the plans scheduled, then the workouts should adapt to your levels.

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Yup, you can’t judge by the default plans.

  1. You must first use Plan Builder to apply a plan to your calendar.
  2. Then Adaptive Training will make suggested changes to some or all of your workouts (based upon your current Progression Levels) and then adapt if you accept them.

Just tried this. It’s still set to Breakthrough for everything after adding to calendar.

Looks like week 4 will throw me into a 6.9 workout lol

It sounds like you had things done in the wrong order. As such, it may take a trigger before the adaptations are offered. Again, likely best to contact TR support so they can actually check your profile and setup to see when the adaptations will be offered.

There is essentially no chance that what you have on the calendar will remain, considering your PL’s are essentially 1.0 across the board (1.8 SS). You will see adaptations once all the right steps are taking and whatever trigger sets that in motion.

Another thing to keep in mind, if you just added these and haven’t officially started your base phase, I don’t think you’ll see adaptations until the day your ramp test is scheduled. That’s how it has worked when I’ve had build and specialty on my calendar

Yes this - I don’t see adaptations to the workouts until the phase actually starts (not necessarily the day your ramp test is but where it says “base” or whatever in the calendar - which is usually where you would have a ramp test, but not necessarily). So if you’re in a block, then a rest week, then another block, I don’t see changes in that 2nd block till I actually reach it.

If you’ve added by plan builder and you’re in the block in question then definitely go to support.

Thanks guys, I will take your advice and implement then execute the plan to see the adjustments.

Hey Mike,

I’m suffering from the same dilemma currently with my sweet spot workouts. When you did the workouts how did they feel? Did you feel like they were doable?