Why is plan builder giving me breakthrough workouts in the first week of training?

Im new to trainerroad and structured indoor bike training. Ive just come off a 2 year break due to surgery, rehab and illness and plan builder is giving me “breakthrough” workouts in the first week of training. Is this normal??

I suggest an email to support@trainerroad.com so they can see what’s happened to your calendar.

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Thanks Chad - Just emailed support
I just dont want to blow myself up in the first week.

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Yeah, I wouldn’t want that either. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen others mention a similarly issue and I think support needed to fix something. Hoping they can get you all set for a proper first week.

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Have you started the plan, or are you looking at it as it’s been scheduled on your calendar? AT seems to adapt workouts by plan block, so if you haven’t done the first workout in the plan yet, it probably hasn’t adapted to your capabilities.

(But like Chad said, definitely confirm with support!)

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I experienced similar. I accepted my AI detected FTP and ramp test was replaced with 4.5 vo2max workout but my PL was 2.0(first problem). While I filed an issue for it, I changed my next week time-off annotation and plan adapted to the stock plan(second problem). Support team managed to fix my calendar, but kinda fear to see similar problem in the future.

thanks for the feedback - i ended up deleting the plan and scheduled a new one to start next week but same problem - i have contacted support, it seems like they are looking into it so should be fine - ill just use train now this week and kick off the plan proper next week when its sorted.

Im glad to see support provided some insight AND very stoked to see Adaptive Training made the necessary adaptations to re-adjust those ‘breakthrough’ workouts. Keep prioritizing honest answers for post-workout difficulty, and AT will keep adjusting quickly as needed!


For VO2max zone specifically, I do prefer first workout to be stretch or breakthrough to lock into real productive level quickly. I don’t do VO2max very often and due inactivity PL shrinks to low 2 while in reality good starting point for me personally is actually PL ~4.5 instead. I always thought this initial jump is intentional :slight_smile:

Anyway, this applies to VO2max workouts only, other zones still should be productive according to PL known to TR and they usually are. Maybe TR should store (or already does?) per athlete per power zone PL starting point or decrease rate over time after gathering couple starts of training blocks.

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The scope of data that Adaptive Training calls upon is VAST. :wink: