Sweet Spot Low Volume I Starting with Breakthrough Workout

Just starting to train again. Just added to AI (thanks). The first workout of SSLV1 is a Tray Mountain - 2. This is listed as a level 4 Breakthrough workout. I understand that AI will change workouts as I move forward but, Breakthrough (vs. Achievable) for first training workout seems a bit strange. Am I missing something?


Did you use the TR Plan Builder to add your plan to the Calendar?

If not, that could be the issue. Right now, only plans added using Plan Builder will accept adaptations from AT.

I did.

Might be worth an email to support@trainerroad.com to ask.
I don’t see a reason you would have a Breakthrough as your first workout.

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Thanks, Chad. I will do that.

I am considering starting with your Alternate SSB suggestion which I have used in the past and adjusting workout levels as I feel needed.

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Received an answer from support. I need to take the Ramp Test which will adjust the workouts as necessary. Whew!