Adaptive training plan SSB

Alll the workouts are marked as breakthrough or not advised. I thought they were self adjust or do I do that manually, or just crack on?

Is your current plan made from Plan Builder?

What are your current Progression Levels?

Plan builder just did the ramp test for sweet spot base 1 low volume. I have been riding just train now workouts for the last 8 weeks, before that had 1 month off the bike. Progression levels all at 1 now.

AT will only adapt workouts scheduled by Plan Builder. Unless the first sweet spot workout lis totally beyond what you can do, ride it and AT will start to adapt your plan based on your objective performance (power, HR, etc) and subjective feedback (the survey at the end).

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Yes on plan builder, but ok I have to do the first workout maybe to trigger the adaptation maybe. It should be fine as had no problems the last 2 years