New Feature - TrainNow

I updated to latest MacOS beta app today and noticed in release notes that there was mention of something new called TrainNow.

If you click on the Workouts section in left hand menu of app, TrainNow feature is across the top menu bar (upper left side of screen).

It looks like TR is recommending a variety of workouts for the day based on your training history.

Is this possibly Thing #1 or Thing #2?


I’m not on the beta app and I saw this a few weeks ago when I reinstalled it on my Windows PC, although I don’t remember if it was called “TrainNow”.

However I don’t have the section in the app now, probably it’s only in the beta.


Yes, this is a new feature. I just upgraded the beta version on my Mac, and here are the release notes:


Dang this seems legit and big! @Jonathan @Nate_Pearson kudos!


Does this message pop up on a daily basis even when you have a prescribed workout from a plan in your calendar?

Exciting stuff… This is a great feature indeed, great extension to plan builder.

It’s such a neat way to advise us what to do when we find ourself with sone extra time on our hands and aren’t maxxed out on recovery!

TR is becoming more and more awesome, congrats to the team :+1::+1::clap:


I’ve got a free day tomorrow so might give it a try. Excellent idea TrainerRoad folks!

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Is it gonna be on the app?

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The way to get to this is click on “Workouts” in the left hand nav of the app, and then select “TrainNow” on the top menu - see the below screenshot from within the MacOS beta app:

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This facility isnt in the new beta android app.

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It’s almost there in the android beta.


Nice thanks Nate :+1:

I’m looking forward to the Surprise Ramp Test and Electric Shock features.


I’m extremely curious on if it is going to be basing this based on what they perceive as

  • preferences (i.e. suggesting workouts similar to those you’ve done in the past)
  • strengths (i.e. suggesting workouts you’ve excelled at in the past)
  • weaknesses (i.e. suggesting workouts that work energy systems you haven’t been focusing on)
  • goals (i.e. taking information about A events and comparing your workouts to those and shoring up gaps).

Could range from a game changing feature to something that is kind of nice if you haven’t built out a calendar but meh otherwise


I agree. I’m very interested to hear TR’s recommended use case(s) for this tool. I’m hoping they speak to it during next week’s AACC podcast (if not sooner on the forum). I’m definitely intrigued by it!

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At least for me, it suggests one workout for each of these three categories - so three total workouts:

  • Endurance
  • Climbing
  • Intensity / VO2 max type workout
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This is great. I am on low intensity plans but sometimes I get an extra day and I love that TR can do the thinking for me.


Is it on the beta app only as of now?

I downloaded the Mac beta on Saturday or Sunday and TrainNow showed up immediately.

MacOS beta only as of now. Nate says it’s coming to Android beta shortly.