How do I gain weight while being tall and skinny?

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@cwess When I was younger I had a really hard time gaining weight. I also felt self conscious about how skinny I was and was made fun of a ton in middle and high school.

I’m guess you don’t just want to gain fat but also muscle. You pretty much just need to lift more and eat more. If you’re not gaining weight your issue is you’re not eating enough.

If you eat super clean like a cyclist and do a lot of lifting/riding and move a lot (which I’m sure you do) it’s going to be really hard to gain weight. You’re going to need to add in some calorically dense foods.

I think @wiscokid is on point with high fat smoothies. I used to drink 1,200 calorie smoothies twice a day in addition to my regular meals.


Hi Nate, could you share the recipe of your 1,200 calories smoothies?

I have read articles on gaining weight on bodybuilding sites, like you said lift heavy and more often. However, they also recommend limiting cardio to a minimum and as a fellow TR trainee, that is not what I would like to do.

How much did you gain previously and what kind of cycling volume were you doing?

Any endurance athletes out there managed to gain weight without sacrificing volume?

The easiest way to gain weight is to eat calorically dense foods.

You can make a regular smoothie then put a lot of peanut butter in it.

I can easily gain weight on 12 hours a week, but I love training.

The key is to just eat until you’re full, then eat some more. It’s not that fun but if your goal is just weight gain that will do it.


Also, smallish snacks throughout the day when you aren’t full but maybe aren’t hungry either can help alot. Maybe a protein bar, yogurt and granola, banana with peanut butter, etc in the afternoon is an easy 250-300 calories. That way you aren’t stuffing yourself to the gills and then stop after 3 days because you feel like crap.

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