Weight gain tips

Hey guys, I need some advice about gaining weight… I can’t do a gallon of milk a day because I am lactose Intolerant. Is there something else I can drink a gallon of that is rich in protein? I’ve been steadily gaining 1lb a week but I know that’s not enough. My stomach feels like it’s at its limit, I keep getting nausea and indigestion. My stomach is a pussy.

Ferment your dairy into kefir, it’s cheap easy, delicious and very healthy

Buy some kefir grains online to make kefir


Look into the “unhealthy breakfast” thread for inspiration.


I used to make and use kefir, enjoyed it but got out the swing of making it.

Our dog absolutely loved it.

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If you are not already doing it, recovery shake after every workout/ride!
During my first winter of TR I also got back into my old gym routine and my weight dropped a bit too much. I got in the habit of ALWAYS having an SiS recovery shake after riding but kept all other things equal.

Could always use Soya Milk too, it’s high in Protein I think… you get used to it after a couple of days, and can add flavouring etc if need be.

I think i notice a difference if I take one before bed too… legs usually feel better the next morning. (I use whey protein powder with water.)

my mom lost a lot of weight when she was sick. started her on smoothies w/ MRE powder (550 calories/serving) as a base. ~1 cup water, frozen berries, MRE powder, some coconut oil, peanut butter. Multiple flavors for the MRE powder.

Chocolate covered almonds and peanut butter filled pretzels. Go to Costco, buy three big tubs of each, and go to town on them.

Tbh, the best strategy is to find something you can do consistently every day. It doesn’t need to be a lot. A Boost Plus/Ensure Plus or an extra bar or two a day. Make sure you’re having a morning and afternoon snack.

Why do you want to gain weight?

One option is to make a super high calorie smoothie/shake. Almond milk “creamer “, vegan protein powder a bunch of peanut butter or almond butter, bananas blueberries whatever you want to add for flavor. With peanut butter or almond butter you could easily make 1000 cal shake which on top of your daily eating you would eventually gain weight.

You really need to explain what you’re trying to accomplish. You can gain weight by consuming a bunch of fat, but I’m guessing you’re trying to add muscle, not fat.

Regarding the milk, a lower milk fat percentage might make things easier on the stomach. But if you’re trying to add muscle, it’s easier to just do a protein shake. You can use milk or water for that. I find vanilla flavor works well to keep a mild taste

Hi Everyone, This always works for me:
Strength Train three times per week + 5g Creatine per day + 250 more calories than my usual daily intake per day = weight gain for me. :grinning::+1:

Those pretzels are the reason I can’t go to Costco!

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If you are Canada:

Lactose Free

  • fatty fish: salmon, mackerel… instead of things like cod
  • more fatty cuts of meat
  • nuts, nut butter
  • margarine
  • add maltodextrin to dairy products
  • high carb vegetables instead of lower carb alternatives (eg. peas instead of green beans)
  • add some nutral oil to your smoothies

conclusion: most people get plenty of protein, the most important factor for weight gain is to be in a caloric surplus.

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At the end of the day its calories in vs. Calories out. Get an app that tracks your calories (Under Armour my fitness app is free). Diligent calorie counting, in the beginning, is the only way to know you’re hitting that calorie surplus you need. Compare what you take into your basal caloric needs, and adjust accordingly. You’d be very surprised how few calories you actually eat in a day assuming you don’t eat junk.

You don’t need to spend ridiculous amounts on supplements or weight gainers either. Peanut butter, nuts, oils, avocados, potatoes, simple carbs (pizza, chips/white bread/muffins/pasta), butter. At least, that’s the stuff that makes me gain any [unwanted] weight. :hugs:

I highly disagree with that. Foods that are a “good source of protein” are usually like 5-8g protein per serving. Protein is usually the hardest macro to meet, unless you eat the same few high protein foods consistently.

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