Helping people to gain weight

Hello Everybody!

This is for those who thinks it’s hard to gain weight, again I’ve been thinking for a long time how to help people, who thinks they are skinny, or have troubles to make put on more weight, to gain more muscles, with their training.
A bit bout myself, my names Michael (Mikkel but Michael’s easier to remember), I’m from Denmark and been training now for 12 years, and yes i was skinny and didn’t know how to put on weight. I kept eating and eating, but have learned how to put on weight and more mass. Again I’m just a regular dude who want’s to help people out.
The easiest way of putting on more wight, is to get more calories in your body, than you burn of… Pretty simple, but what if you still think its too hard. Well your just mixing the food you take in ofc.

A little bit besides, of course you could just drink a ton of protein shakes, WRONG! -Because the body can’t optain all the proteins with all the shakes - believe me, i’ve used to drink 3 to 4 shakes a day (that was in a period where I was very active, a lot of work was high intensity, so I tried to get bigger by eating and drinking more to get more calories in), I was also eating rice, pasta you name it…
So I tried to mix all of it together > > >
Mixing it in a frieing pan;
-together with Cheese into the blending

-Boil the paste and rice, have a bowl with your eggs and cheese mixed together = and mix it all together in a pan.
I think its the best way of doing it, instead of like having many pans with only one thing, one pan with pasta, one with rice et etc you get, (of course i’m only trying to give guidelines).

(Again I have loads of different recipees for getting the healthy calories instead of the “junk-food-version”, where you are getting too much salt, sugar and other bad stuff, which will make it harder for you if you want to loose some of the gained weight, if you want to cut down again. Again you don’t have to do what i’m doing)

Again I believe more in eating real food instead of all the supplements, i’m not saying they’r bad, again its a supplement, and still good, but i believe you still can reach the goals without, (again only guidelines).
Hereafter its just a matter of how many meals you eat ->>
*(A good start) You can make it simple and have 3 meals with loads of carbs/calories and then eat “snacks” in between the 3 meals.

*(Hardcore) You can eat 5-6 meals, breakfast, a lunch box between breakfast and lunch, lunch, lunchbox between lunch and dinner, and dinner, (optional is to eat after dinner)

*(Extreme) Here you just eat like a beast, you pretty much eat all time, this is where you go if you are on body-builder level, after dinner you eat and go to sleep and then sleep for 3-4 hours, then wake up in the middle of the night and make oatmeal or something and after go to sleep, sleep 3 hours and do over and over.

Again I will also make another topic with great exercises for gaining muscles in the future.

I’m looking up and finding the best/healthy/easiest recipees to make food, that’ll give you loads of calories.
Again you can also find me on Faceb. - Mikkel Rasmus Jensen , or instaG. mr.jdk94
if you have other questions or something, send me a DM

Have a great day!