Jr. racer, nutrition question

I am a 17-year-old racer, I do a lot of crits and cyclocross around the country, my goal this year is to get a top 20 at 17-18 at cyclocross nationals… if it happens. Now my question, I am 5’3 and 110 pounds, fairly light and short for my age, I want to gain weight but train a lot, I am a good sprinter can hit 1,000 watts but my FTP is horrible 170 watts. how can I gain weight without eating crap? I take on about 2,500 calories every meal but still can’t get my weight up there. Thanks P.S just starting TrainerRoad

Sigh…youth is wasted on the young. :rofl:

You’ll probably get a lot better answers on this question than I can give you, but…when I was doing my IM training, I couldn’t keep weight on. NO matter how much I ate, i was still dropping weight. Ended up supplementing my breakfast (and lunch occasionally) with fruit smoothies w/ whey protein added in. That definitely helped. Just get some frozen fruit, add in plain yogurt and maybe some OJ, whey protein and blend together. No ice needed or anything else. Simple, pretty nutritious and can help add in calories that will help build muscle.

How many meals per day do you consume at 1500cals? That’s not an insignificant amount (provided you have 3 solid meals + snacks) for someone 110lbs, but it also depends on your daily calorie expenditure.

by the way a little typo there I ment 2500

2500 per meal?

would you mind breaking down in detail a typical day for you, both workouts and nutrition?

I second this - I would like to see a typical daily breakdown to make sure you have your math right. I am 63kg, and can’t fathom eating 1500/meal three times a day (excluding snacks), not to mention 2500.