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Thread for posting Group Workout Codes, setting up times & dates, and related planning.

Background Group Workout Info:

TrainerRoad Group Workouts, Thread Posts:

  • For those that can’t or don’t want to use the Google Calendar below, post your rides in this thread. Please include info similar to the example below:

    • Workout Name: Baxter
    • Date: April 22, 2020 (Toronto)
    • Time: 11 AM EST (GMT+4 - 15h00)
    • Room Code: A1B2C3
    • Special Notes: 5 minute Courtesy Warm Up

TrainerRoad Group Workouts, Google Calendar:

  • Live TrainerRoad Group Workout Calendar in GMT time zone, for quick reference.
    • The Current Day is Highlighted.
    • The Current Time is the Red Line on the Current Day.
    • This updates automatically, through the day as time changes and workouts are added.

You can access all this info in your own Google Calendar, which shows days and times based on your time zone.

Special thanks to @dbf and @SamMose for the research and setup to make the calendar and get the instructions for use.


hey guys. so i will be doing spencer +2 tomorrow, which is 6x3min VO2max within in an hour. i’d be happy to have people join me. because of lockdown i can do it pretty much any time between 11 am and 7 pm central european time. let me know!

Rogers +5 scheduled for the time below (attempting to do it at 5:10 AM Eastern time - hopefully I’ve updated correctly in this link)

@bikerNJ2020 - I will attempt to send you the code sometime by 5 AM. If anyone else wants to join please let me know!

If you guys don’t mind - I usually add in 10 minutes to the warm-up on this type of ride at this time of day. Not sure if I’ll be permitted to do that in the group workouts but if there are no complaints ahead of time I’ll be attempting to add that in (and potentially cooldown time at 50-60% afterwards)

I’ve got Spencer +2 also. Maybe 11 AM ET / 5 PM CET?



sounds great

Red Lake +6 scheduled for time below tomorrow (5:00am CST). If anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll create a link for a group workout!


I will be doing Spencer +2 today at noon PST. Let me know if you’d like to join!


Looking to ride here pretty soon. 60-120 mins. Aerobic to threshold.

Anyone in?


Looks like three of you are. I’m good with a baxter, but would do something harder. Antelope, tallac, galena? Thoughts?


Baxter it is! starting at noon pacific (12 mins from now). Jump in if you can!

Code: 1mtzf7

p.s. I think you should get a special forum badge if you do baxter with me.


OK, where’s my badge? :stuck_out_tongue:


dang, it’s my off day today. I should jump on and just have video of my carnitas cooking, they’re looking good!

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Love this idea, unfortunately can’t join you all while I work from home. Not very productive when on the bike :joy:

Would have jumped on with you @Nate_Pearson if I was not out running an errand

Hey Coach @chad Would you have interest in riding Shasta with me tomorrow(March 31st)? You can name the time of day that works best if interested.

I definitely think most people are interested more in riding with @Bryce @Nate_Pearson and @chad. At least at first.

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Giving this group thing a try at 3:30pm pacific today, doing Taku. I have two friends trying it out with me. I will update this with the code around 3:15. Cool if @Nate_Pearson @chad could join us.


Just tested on one of my laptops, seems good to go. Will be doing Hurd -2 tomorrow

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