About that Thing Two

It’s onnnnnnn…


pretty easy to find new friends doing the same plan on the What Workout Did you Do Today thread


DCRainmaker has a live youtube of the new feature!


Nate & Jonathan are live now with DCRainmaker for the official announcement!

Check it out here.


yeah you could rename the thread into: “what workout are you gonna do today” :yum:


We will have a dedicated thread for sharing, with time zone tools to make planning and scheduling easier.

Edit to add the link:


let me guess? first one is gonna be Disaster :fearful: :joy:

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I will likely be hosting a Disaster -2 this Saturday. :smiley:


I think I was close enough!

Y’all should have a virtual sign-up sheet and/or raffles to win rides with @Nate_Pearson, @Jonathan, @Pete, and @ambermalika, etc.


Sounds awesome, and terrifying.

That was pretty good, a We’ve been talking about this sort of thing in the Ironman thread on and off for a while. Unfortunately Indont have a desktop or laptop, but it looks very good on the live stream.


Thing 1 - This sounds amazing and would be something I want bad! Is this even possible? @Nate_Pearson @mcneese.chad

Thing 2 - Winner Winner!

Thing 3 - I don’t see how the platform could support this (I admit I looked it up)

Good Job TR! The new group riding looks fun!

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Thing 1 must be the rebuild of the mobile app. Thing 2 is awesome! Psyched!

This is pretty awesome…when people were first talking about it, I was kinda “meh”. After watching the livestream, I am kinda psyched to try this with my buddies.


I can’t believe I just watched 3 people I don’t know do a full trainer workout…social isolation has clearly taken over now!! :crazy_face:


really well done TR! I am excited about this

Oh, desktop only…meh.

How far away is the mobil app re-launch, and will it include this new feature?

Good timing though TR, with a quarter of the world in lock down, it couldn’t be more perfect.

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yeah Nate said a few times, that they planned this for the fall, but pulled a more basic version forward to release now, because of Corona

that’s also why it’s desktop only so far

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No ETA given on the new mobile app. I think it’s safe to say it will include this, since the whole point of the rebuild is to easily integrate development for all platforms.

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