🎉 🎉 🎉 Group Workouts are here! 🎉 🎉 🎉

“get a room” has taken on a whole new meaning :rofl:


Well I’m impressed, I mentioned in the prior hype thread I’m not sure how much I’ll actually use this, I tend to be a solitary type, but it’s great that the option is available and huge kudos to everyone who evidently worked super hard to get this out at this point in time.

I have a vo2 workout tomorrow with 2.5min repeats at 120%, I’ll have to find some sucker to suffer along with me!


RECOVERY WEEK… who’s coming with me, lol.


I usually do a spin-down calibration after the warmup in whatever workout I’m doing. Is that possible in a Group Workout, or would I need to do that beforehand if it’s needed?

The FAQ didn’t cover how one acquires said Friends. Would you mind providing some advice?

Reality is my friends aren’t all cyclists or TR users. Would be awesome to be able to search for the workout I’m planning to do, and see if there’s any group workouts coming up that day that I can join in on. Purely for that motivational factor of having someone else grind it out with you.


@mcneese.chad is already on it.

Group Workout Room Sharing

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Can we use extend warmup and extend cooldown in group workouts?

This looks awesome! :tada:

+50W just for the motivation to train harder with friends!

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You can’t extend the warm up. If you want extra, you need to plan ahead and do that on your own.

Everyone has the option to extend the cool down. Notably the CD is optional and people can skip it or choose the amount they want, with no impact on any other rider.


It should be possible. The impact will vary if you are the host, or a member.

Host will presumably pause the workout, hop into devices, do the calibration, return and restart the workout.

Member will have to just open the devices control, and do the calibration, but presumably the workout will continue, assuming the host does not pause.

This is all guessing on my part, so I could be very wrong.

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I can see this working with tough workouts like Disaster, mary austin etc. more than likely people will not want to do workouts like fletcher, virginia (have today) which is part of Traditional base.

I am game for this for sure. Extra motivation is always welcomed.

Actually, I think some might want to do the easier stuff too. You may not need the same motivation to finish a hard one, but the option to have a “social ride” where you can freely chat could be a great option.


True and depends for me. I feel as though I could do longer rides with others in the Ironman thread I participate in.

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This looks so much fun, thank you all so much! @Nate_Pearson et al


TR should create a workout room, where you can post the workout you’re doing and open it up for anyone that is interested can join so for example you would name it xx workout, set time as 5pm and I could see that and sign up, kind of like zwift events, would be cool to have a TR group workout HUB so we don’t spam the forum


I don’t think they want to manage that part which makes sense.

woot! thank you!

Thread in place for sharing, with a link to setting and checking time zones easily:

This is not necessarily the be-all, end-all, but it is a start.

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Now that you have the functionality to embed video above the workout, any chance that we get recorded workouts were Chad or the other coaches lead us through it? I would also love to see podcasts recorded and overlayed onto workouts

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Thanks Chad!

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