🎉 🎉 🎉 Group Workouts are here! 🎉 🎉 🎉

Thanks Chad! I’ll give it a go this week. Had my first outdoor workout today…what a treat!

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Any plans to instead of use Google calendars, any plans to build that capability within the TR app. So that you can invite people from the app and obliviously schedule workouts.

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Yup, Nate mentioned it in podcast 253 this week.

This thread and the calendar are just stop-gaps in the absence of an official TR tool.

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Does anyone know what the system requirements are for the Group Workout feature? Another user and I are having connectivity issues during our workouts and I’m trying to narrow down a possible solution.


Is there a way to schedule a group workout? I go through the motions of setting up a group workout for (tomorrow morning) and it takes me immediately to the workout. I’d like to take one of my workouts, set it up to be a group workout, send my buddies the code, then show up in the morning to do the workout. Seems like there’s an opportunity here I think :); Either to educate me about something that’s already possible or make a tweak to the platform. Great stuff! Very enthusiastic!

Just go in and load the desired workout. It created a 6 digit code. This code can be use any time in the future, and even reused.

Its essentially the workout, not a specific time.

So copy and share that code with anyone you want. Set a time to meet and all log in with the same code.

We also have a dedicated thread and calendar for open sharing and planning.


It is a little confusing at first honestly as you think you need to do something when you schedule the workout.

As @mcneese.chad mentioned the code is for that workout name and not a time.

As an example you had 5 TR sessions this week with 5 different “workouts”. You would create a different group workout for each one which generates 5 codes. Each code is specific to the workout. Code A = Monitor, Code B = Baxter, etc.

You can close TR and when you log back in put in the code (join box) for the “workout” associated and off you go. If you want others to join just tell them the time you will be on (time is all your schedule) and give them whichever code is associated.

If you are doing Monitor again in the future you can reuse the code you originally generated or create another one. Hope that helps clarify and definitely put them in the calendar and post on the thread if you want any chance to have people join outside of your immediate contacts of course.


I haven’t “ridden” with my son for nearly a year since we’re in different states. Yesterday, my son and I rode Echo with a friend of his. For better or worse, Echo is not so challenging that we had to motivate one another with a stink-eye to finish each interval. All three of us have vastly different FTPs, so it was really fun to ride together and carry on a conversation about what’s going on in our lives and the world while adding some additional TSS for the week. We plan to make group rides a weekly event since all three of us are entered to ride in the Park City Point-2-Point race come September - barring cancellation - where we will truly ride together.

Thank you, Team TR, for raising your bar for all of us to enjoy!


Is there a way to “reserve” a spot for someone in a group ride? I tired to search for this but came up empty so I apologize if this was addressed elsewhere. I would like to set up a public group ride, but I want to make sure that my buddy is one of the participants. If I put the code up on the calendar, it is possible that the ride could fill up before my friend joins. Unlikely, but possible.

Thanks TR team! This is an awesome feature and I can’t wait to see how it evolves.

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Have done a couple of workouts. 2 hosted and 1 joined. Still have not figured it out but what is the best way setup so I can listen to music (like amazon) and also hear everyone? I use bose soundsports but thinking it might be the same as others.

Thanks in advance.

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No, there is no reservation method right now. It’s a matter of possibly listing that person in your post, and maybe including them on the guest invite list via the calendar.

Worst case, ask the last to join to leave if your planned person hasn’t made the final 4th spot.


I use true wireless ear buds but only put one bud in, then run whatever audio I feel like listening to for that ride through my phone. Especially if you have the pass-through option on your ear buds it works great. I use my laptop for everything else. That way I can run GW through my mic/camera built in to the laptop without any fuss. Just pop open and go.

I listen to YouTube music while on Group Workouts. I can independently adjust the volume of the music and TR both going through my AirPods. By adjusting the volume inside YouTube and my MacBook separately I can chose how loud each are (music vs group talking). This way it’s easy to crank up the music for hard intervals then adjust back down for recoveries. This method also doesn’t interfere with the other participants.

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Thank you both. Will test it out again by setting up a fake ride.

Had a good first experience with Group Workouts this morning - went pretty flawlessly riding with someone on the other side of the world. Definitely a little kick of motivation to not cave on the last interval since I knew someone was watching

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So I’ve been trying for the past 2 days to create a group workout using the Windows (10) app. Each time I click ‘Continue to Workout’ it gives me a NameServer Peer Error.
I’ve tried:

  1. Adding a workout to my calendar, selecting the workout from calendar clicking ‘Create Group Workout’. I receive my workout code, and when I click ‘Continue to workout’ it always results in the error.
  2. Starting from the “Group Workout” panel, selecting a specific workout, creating the group workout and again receive the error when i attempt to continue.
    I have not been able to start a group workout. I may have created 10 unique codes at this point.
    I have restarted and updated the Windows (10) app as of today.
    Can anyone offer a solution to what may be going on here?

nameserver error

Tried this tonight with a friend. All was working fine until half way through when we lost connection. We both carried on doing the workout until the end. He was the host (although with my code) and extended the warmdown but when i joined I didn’t see him.

He then closed his down and rejoined my ride that is restarted and we could see each other again.

Any logs anywhere to try troubleshooting???

This is a bug that we’re trying to fix now. If it happens try restarting the app.

Ah, that’s disappointing, I’m sorry.

We have a new robust system coming soon. That should fix this problem.

I figured out my issue. It was my VPN. When disconnected, it works fine. I’ll be trying this out later in the week.

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