🎉 🎉 🎉 Group Workouts are here! 🎉 🎉 🎉

True and depends for me. I feel as though I could do longer rides with others in the Ironman thread I participate in.

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This looks so much fun, thank you all so much! @Nate_Pearson et al


TR should create a workout room, where you can post the workout you’re doing and open it up for anyone that is interested can join so for example you would name it xx workout, set time as 5pm and I could see that and sign up, kind of like zwift events, would be cool to have a TR group workout HUB so we don’t spam the forum


I don’t think they want to manage that part which makes sense.

woot! thank you!

Thread in place for sharing, with a link to setting and checking time zones easily:

This is not necessarily the be-all, end-all, but it is a start.

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Now that you have the functionality to embed video above the workout, any chance that we get recorded workouts were Chad or the other coaches lead us through it? I would also love to see podcasts recorded and overlayed onto workouts

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Thanks Chad!

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This looks really good. Any plans for an AppleTV app? I hate to ask only a few hours in.

Excellent, but is there any way to get it running on an iPad?!


I guess we’ll see how this drives other ‘social’ aspects of TR. Now that we can do things together, how do we find each other to do them together? A forum thread is a good start, but things that would make this much more useful would be:

  • TR friends
  • calendar invites

    My guess is that some things along these lines are at least under discussion. Doing ‘friends’ right could be a lot more work and planning than doing the actual group workouts themselves.
    That said, video conferencing is a lot more personal that riding with someone on zwift, so I don’t know how well other social networking models work for this kind of interaction.

Totally with you on this. The endurance stuff bores me to tears, so a social option during those would be most welcome.

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Live mic during certain efforts – I’m not sure that’s the greatest idea always. There might be some serious crazy talk spilling forth to get me through to the end. :grin:

Having done TB 1 and 2, I think extra motivation is more important on the easy workouts! And its easy to chat at lower intensity :+1:t3:


Not sure how this would even work… can you add a camera and microphone to ATV?

Overall, based on last comments from TR on ATV, it seems very unlikely.

Happily, you can mute your mic (and/or kill video) at any time. I expect that more finite control over audio from group members will follow with other updates.

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Am I the only one here that is feeling the group sharing options that people are setting up is a bit strange? I’m wondering why you’d want to do a group workout with video and audio with people you don’t even know?

I can understand doing a group workout with friends or family but not total strangers.


We all (I’m assuming) go on group rides with people we don’t know… so if your choice is 1- workout indoors alone or 2- workout indoors with some people doing the same workout… I’ll almost always pick #2.


This is going to be so much fun, would be REALLY cool if TrainerRoad made workouts that followed some of the spring classics or bigger events, and we could sync up a race on our own, and ride as a group along with the pros in that race. Especially since this year we’ll probably all be “re-watching” a lot of old races :slight_smile:


Well, nothing prevents people who are already friends or groups, can share plans and links in any way they want (text, messaging apps, etc). So you can sure do that with your “real friends”.

However, are all your real friends doing the same workouts on the same day at the same time? I have about 10 local riders who use TR with some regularity. But we are rarely on the same plan and workout needs. So matching that up may not be a reality.

Right now, that limit of doing the same workout is a sticker. So sharing in a wider net may well be necessary to get people together.

Not to mention, this is a bit like hitting the dorms when you roll into college. All new people and an opportunity to form new friendships.

Edited: We may have just stumbled on TrainerRoad Workout Roulette :stuck_out_tongue:

This all changes once they get the option of doing different workouts functioning. Then it’s just a matter of day and time to match, not the workout.