Group Workout Room Code Sharing

Will be doing Antelope +2 at 5:30 am Eastern time tomorrow. Give me a shout out if anyone looking to do the same! :smile:

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on my plan, too.

Currently doing virginia right now (1:45 ride) but tomorrow instead of a off day will do an endurance 30 min ride. More than likely after 6pm est as i am getting my MP1 and taking a test ride.

Let me know and will send you the code.

I think I may have been the first party crasher by going into Baxter in progress and not riding lol

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Given racing is postponed for the foreseeable future, I am back to doing more LSD base. That said, I want to do 1 day of intensity per week; and someone else who’ll remain anonymous :slight_smile: hinted at Disaster -2 this upcoming Saturday. Anyone interested for early AM EST?


Goddard tomorrow at 7.30am UK

Will add link here before hand. Looking forward to trying this out.

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In the last hard week of general build high-volume this week. Tuesday- mokelumne. Wednesday-English+5. Thursday- bald knob. Friday- tallac+4. Saturday- mcduffie+3. Usually training around 7 or 8 AM eastern time because of the quarantine. Under normal circumstances much earlier. Let me know if anyone wants to join.

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Was able to quickly download the Windows software to my work laptop and do Baxter with Nate and a few other guys. It was pretty dang cool. Workout compliance will definitely be up with this feature.

Now @Nate_Pearson where’s my badge! lol


Are you in week 2 of SSBHV? Can you push back to 6am? I am central time so could do 5 am here but not 4:30.

Almost need each day of the week to have its own thread (Speadsheet anyone?) as it might take a while to find a partner.

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Yeah, not sure the best method for tracking. This thread was a quick and easy option to get the ball rolling, but likely far from the best.

Could look into a shared and open Google doc/sheet or something similar. Anybody familiar with scheduling options for something as open as this?

Group code is: ab7t3q @Nate_Pearson @chad

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I’m doing Fletcher tomorrow in 11 hours from now. So will be 11am Pacific time in New Zealand. Would enjoy it if anyone is keen?

I’m going to get so fast riding with everyone! I’ll do as much volume as I can…then I’ll get an ebike :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


Lol @Nate Just do your carb loading routine and you should be good.

Just load for LIFE!!


Did I hear something about daily pettit morning squad?

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Something like this @mcneese.chad?

This document is locked at the moment.
Looking at simpler ways to schedule groups rides


Absolutely. People look at me at work (when we were still going in) wondering how I am not 1,000 lbs because my meals are all carbs.

Start Time:

Workout: Bluebell (1min on, 1 min off)
Code: 1e2rpl