Is anybody else disappointed with Group Workouts?

I’d like the ability to drop in on any group workouts at any time mainly just to heckle people, mock their bike position, their drapes, love handles, haircut, etc.

Of course, I would do this while having a beer and consider it CX training. :beer:

  • That is very possible, and a great use of the option.

Not something I see myself ever using. The only thing I’m bummed about is that I thought the “Big announcement” was going to be getting the multisport / calendar finally worked out. That issue has LOTS of people raising their hand saying it’s something they want. I haven’t read a single thread on here were people were asking for this, although I could have missed it? I’ve been looking at trainingpeaks to track my Tri stuff because it doesn’t seem like it’s something that’s likely ever going to happen here.

For the biking aspect, TR is great!

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  • Not necessarily this exact implementation, but threads and posts asking for “racing” (Just last week for this one), “Zwift-like gaming”, “connecting” and such do exist. It would take a bit for me to search and share links if helpful?

The tri stuff has been acknowledged by TR and is on the agenda. We have no real info other than they are planning to work on it, and are back-filling swims and runs in preparation for it. Sure, it would be nice if it was already here, but it’s not and we have no stated timeline. Nothing more to do for now.

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A great response Chad.

I don’t think I will ever use it. Mostly because my shed is out of range of WiFi so I love the fact the TR runs without that kind of thing.

I will admit to being interested but I don’t think there would be that many people doping my workouts a the time I do them. Is there a join-in system? So I start a warmup and the software (if I was in range) would automatically look for other people who are doing the same workout?

Maybe the most popular use would be someone doing a nightly 6 o’clock Baxter ride…

Nothing like that exists right now. (But we are hoping TR may have something like it planned for the future)

Some great work on the forum has gotten us a shared Google calendar, where you can browse, post or connect to plan joining workouts. This is not ideal, but it works really well for now.


Just so everyone knows, this has been on the roadmap since we were a 3 person company. I even had a proof of concept built in like 2012.

And it’s still simple and focused. There’s a difference between this and full on simulators.


And I think we will see this perspective if/when any ‘virtual courses’ are released. I really appreciate the focus on training/performance, and the explicit exclusion of entertainment. Working in groups is definitely related to performance.
(And just imagine how much disagreement there would be about the value of various entertainment features would be. Maybe we’ll get a good April fool’s joke along these lines someday :slight_smile:

I was that guy, and Poolboy (and I know why his name is Poolboy) is telling the truth :grinning::grinning:
Simple as I am, I could tell my 10 year old son about I cycled with somebody from the USA.

The looks in his eyes only was a TR subscription worth in gold.


Its a cool feature and its amazing they got it out so fast. Its not really a feature for me personally and I might use it once a week at most with social rides with a few people I know.

I like trainerroad does things like this. I love the training plans and the calendar, anything else is a bonus, (until they develop the next kick ass feature).

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I think this addition is the perfect move for TrainerRoad because of the success of Peloton. Many serious cyclists probably scoff at Peloton because it’s like a spin class rather than cycling, but this takes a concept that is clearly successful for Peloton and makes it cool enough for serious cyclists. I think this in line with their brand, which is about performance over entertainment, but at the same time enhances their product in such an innovative way that it puts them in the conversation technology-wise with other services that lean on more eye-candy like offerings. I think it’s quite possibly a make or break feature that will allow them to grow market share.


A number of people have made the comparison of this feature with Peloton. Have one of those in my garage, and that concept is very different. Peloton is built around one instructor broadcasting out to many, group workouts is peer-to-peer and bi-directional. The Peloton does have a camera and there are a number of Reddit discussions on that topic. The consensus there is: nobody is using the camera. So don’t think the success of Peloton can be linked to this feature. TR would also have to change their entire business model if they were to go in that direction.

Billy Nomates here. I’d use it if I had a training buddy, but I don’t :sob: I think if I were in a group of cyclists that trained together and ran a paceline it would be great, but I’m all on my own.

And quite happy too. Introverts really enjoy social distancing, it makes us feel validated.


Amen, brother. :sunglasses::nerd_face:


I’m looking forward to a Coach Chad led 2 hour Sweet Spot Session.

All we see is him screaming at us on our screens while he has a team feeding him data on how the few thousand… millions of TrainerRoad Subscribers…

Presses a button

In your ear and yours alone…

Pedal Harder!

Everyone else wonders…

Who was the lucky one this time?

When this happens…

Zwift will implode!


Not something I’m looking to use right now but…

Back in the good old days when indoor training was sitting on a windtrainer, looking at a wall, my buds and I used to get together once or twice a week to jam to keep motivated. No plan, no strategy, just doing whatever efforts we felt like. It was easy to pack up a trainer and take it over to a central house.

Now, with heavy smart tainers, all the peripherals it’s tough to move the whole set up. If that crew of guys still rode we would definitely use something like this. All the motivation without the hassle of moving all your crap.

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Its not so much the video as it is the real time encouragement from another person. Its motivating.


I’m not disappointed.

Is it a feature I would have asked for? No.

Is it a feature I’ll use? Yes - I’ve already done one ride with a stranger (I only know her through the forum), and I’ve got another planned with another stranger (I only know her through other social media) next week. I won’t be doing every ride this way, but I like having the option.

I have no objection to letting a stranger see the very small part of my house that shows up on-screen or seeing me, maybe that makes the biggest difference?

As for how it makes me faster… well, maybe my ego will keep me pedalling through a horrendous VO2max interval where my brain is calling for me to stop even though my legs and lungs probably have it in them.


I believe you already can drop in and out as long as it is not full

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I have to agree, doesn’t make me faster. I’d rather see resources pushed towards actually developing training plans- making them smarter, something for the over 40 crowd or even something for triathletes. All these are things that were promised and teased, but never developed. This seems to be evidence for not being able to stick to a business plan. In fact, it seems like something that strays quite far away from the core business concept. Why do this when peloton executes it far better? Half baked implementation? Is this gas station economics at play?