Calendar Update: Calendar Export!

We’re excited to announce the latest update to the TrainerRoad Calendar- Calendar Export! This allows you to push your TrainerRoad Calendar to Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, or other calendar services that support ICS feed subscription.

Setting up Calendar Integration

External Calendar Integration is set up by going to Log In to TrainerRoad

Selecting an external calendar and clicking “Connect Calendar” will automatically open that calendar.

Note: iCal or Outlook must be set as your default calendar to automatically open.


Once redirected, confirm you want to add your TrainerRoad Calendar.

How Will Workouts Appear?

Workouts will appear as “all day” events, with the length and name of the workout appearing as the title of your event. Annotations will also appear.

When clicking into a planned activity, you will see prescribed TSS, IF, kJ(Cal), Description, and Goals if applicable.

Updates to Your Calendar

Updates to your TrainerRoad Calendar will be pushed immediately, but won’t post to external calendars right away in most cases. Some external calendars allow you to adjust the amount of time between refreshes of the calendar feed.

Google Calendar, for example, mentions updates can take up to 12 hours to post, but some users have seen longer in extreme cases.

A Few Notes

  • Sync is one-way with this integration. Updates to your external calendar won’t be pushed back to TrainerRoad.

  • Completed activity information is not sent to your external calendar.

  • It is not possible to specify a time for your planned TrainerRoad activities.

  • Removing your Calendar as a feed cannot be done from your TrainerRoad account. You will need to unsubscribe from TrainerRoad in your external calendar settings.



Well I’m stoked. Let’s do this.

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It might be worth mentioning that Google Calendar integration needs to be done from a desktop browser, not an Android device.


Just set this up from my iPhone while commuting home. Need to open calendar from Chrome browser as desktop to get it to play nice. But done …boom! :smile:

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Excellent work TR team. Love it!!

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Set it up with Fantastical in about 30 seconds from my MacBook Pro desktop. It’s just what I wanted to have. Im sure there are those who wanted the workouts to be broken down into the actual hours they will be executed, but I move mine around during the day, I just like knowing its that day. I dig it.


This is super nice! I’ve been wanting this feature for a looong time. Thanks TR!

Nice one thanks

While it was not on my personal wishlist for TrainerRoad, I can see how it can be important for others. Great work from the team!


A great add-up to start the new year!

Nice. Very smooth and simple.

A doddle to set up. Thanks TR peeps

Works Great!!! ThankS

I minor bug for me. I synchronised using chrome but in the IOS google calendar app the workouts were not showing, despite my trainer road calendar showing as a selected option in the app. I deselected then re selected and the workouts then started showing up :+1:t3:

Perfect and so smooth. But how do we unsubscribe if we have to?

Unsubscribe from your external calendar not TrainerRoad

Looks good and works well. Good job the team.


This is great.

Roughly how long can I expect to wait for changes to appear in Google Calendar? - I know it’s not instantaneous, but I’ve been waiting a while after deleting a manual ride

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