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Hi all, sorry for another FTP post but I really need some advice on my recent FTP test results from the Ramp Test. Last year I got my FTP up to 270 prior to taking a break from TrainerRoad over the summer. On the 2nd Oct I started my base training and scored 267w on the ramp test, something I was pretty happy about. On the last week of Sweet Spot Base I got a cold but with it being a recovery week the workouts didn’t seem to take anything out of me. I knew I wasn’t quite back 100% when I took the second ramp test and true enough got a score of 253w. I decided not to accept this as I’d managed all workouts the previous 6 weeks and expected a reduced figure. The day after the ramp test I threw in Petit+1 to see if I thought I’d be ready for Ebbetts the day after. All seemed fine and I completed Ebbetts and Kaweah and a 100km solo ride outside in Sunday feeling pretty good, although Sunday was a bit of a slog. Monday was a rest day and yesterday was Huffaker which I had to perform early morning before work as I was busy in the evening. Rather than waste this evening I thought now fully recovered from my cold I’d throw in another Ramp Test. Slept really well last night after working out in the morning and also ate quite well so when I got a result of 252w on the ramp test it’s demoralised me a bit, especially as I got through Huffaker 36 hours earlier using an ftp of 267w.
So my question is, am I doing more harm to my training by being stubborn leaving ftp at 267 even though I’m completing workouts or should I accept the test results? Even though I’m completing workouts am I actually completing them in the wrong zones, pushing workouts like Huffaker into anaerobic zones rather than VO2 Max zones and digging myself into a hole? I’m only using the low volume plans and know I can take more TSS a week the they offer but can’t commit to more than 3 workouts a week. Mentally I struggle if I start missing workouts and prefer to choose low volume plans knowing I can always fi all workouts in and add extra when time allows.
If it helps I’m 178cm and 66kg.
Any feedback much appreciated.

I think you need to trust the test numbers for now, and if you continue to feel like the workouts are managable, you can increase intensity by 1% or 2% over the course of SSB2. Your body doesn’t fully recover from a cold in a week, and you did a considerable amount of work prior to “throwing in” the Ramp test, so you’re overdoing it to boost your ego, IMO. I’d just trust the test. Odds are your FTP is closer to 250 than it is 270 given the time off.

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Why do you think the retest resulted in a lower score?

You knew you were not back from your cold when you tested. Seems reasonable to me to not accept the new, lower FTP. I have done the same before – knowing upon completion that I did not go deep enough or whatever – and normally have been right.

Others are surely more experienced than I, but if you are getting through the workouts and recovering as expected - then continue your path.


Not sure, originally I assumed the cold was the cause but then since then I’ve completed 3 workouts out the old ftp value and have no explanation for tonight other than a) the cold still having an effect b) I’m fatigued from training and shouldn’t have tested again tonight.

Presumably you’ve calibrated the power meter?

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My bike doesn’t move off my kickr, I didn’t calibrate directly before this test but it was only 4 days ago I calibrated. I’ve started calibrating post workout ahead of next workout rather than warming the trainer up, stopping a workout to calibrate and then carrying on. I have started doing this since my original 267w result so it could be that this original result is actually the problem. Surprised I’ve completed 7 weeks of training though if that’s the case.

I may literally have done just that! Just did my first ramp test without calibrating and got 264watts!.. sigh… might have to calibrate and do the whole thing again Monday.

So another week has passed and I’m still coping with completing workouts using my old FTP of 267. I think I know the answer but is there a workout that helps validate we’re training with a correct ftp value? I’m assuming not as there are so many variables such as freshness, the type of rider you are etc but thought I’d ask. Any thoughts @chad?

Go do Gayley and see how it feels: https://www.trainerroad.com/cycling/workouts/1642

If you can do this comfortably (RPE around 7 out of 10), your FTP is correct
If this feels really hard (RPE 9 or more out of 10), your FTP is too high

The workout text will walk you through it figuring it out.


Thanks, looks pretty similar to Kaweah which I did the week of my last ramp test. My ride notes say I felt quite good until the last interval where I had to work a bit more to keep cadence above 85.
Thanks for advice.

@philrcook, my go-to workout for this has always been Goethe. I used to have my riders do an FTP assessment on Tuesday and then we’d adjust our FTP’s and do Goethe on Thursday to demonstrate the difference between riding slightly below, right at, and slightly above FTP. This really drove home the idea of ‘the lactic tipping point’ and the razor’s edge between remaining quasi-steady state and overdoing it just slightly (and how impactful that slight overshot actually is).

All that said, it’s not an easy workout (IF .92) and it really helps to be reasonably recovered before you base any decisions on its insights.

Also anytime you feel your FTP is one thing but your capabilities are showing you another, and assuming ego isn’t a driving factor, you’re likely just a bit too overreached and could benefit from an easy day or two (or three).



That’s a good one. Bookmarking!

Thanks @chad, will make a note of that one. I did Palisade yesterday and got through it but really struggled towards end of 4th and 5th interval with cadence. I’d ridden in the cold and wet Saturday though and although only 35 miles was a tough route in the weather and I hope the struggle was more down to that than anything else. Resting today before Spencer tomorrow.