Ramp test failure

I’ve been using TrainerRoad since the turn of the year. I have completed sweet spot base 1 &2, with ftp prior to starting base 2 at 266 watts (I’m 61.5kg). Was feeling good at minute 17 of ramp test when I went to change track on Spotify, at which point the app closed and test quit automatically. I re-ran the test straight away (I was trying to use the anger as motivation) but only estimated at 261 watts for ftp. Keen to get on with general build programme (low volume as life is pretty busy) and judging from how I felt on first attempt today, was going to estimate ftp at 270 as I was completing workouts with a little left in the tank during the last programme. Any thoughts?

You essentially completed two ramp tests, one after the other-- one to minute 17 (so, 124% of FTP/329w right?) then restarted it straight away and then blew a few seconds after the completing the next step (130%). Ouch!

That you had enough sense of self to be thinking of queuing up your “Eye of the Tiger” track during that 329w effort means my wild ass guess is your selling yourself a little short-- if you had made it through the step you blew on (a few seconds into 136%?) you’d be right at 270w if you blew somewhere during the following step you’d be somewhere nearer 277w.

I’d be sorely tempted to add a few watts to the 270w, but they’re your legs, not mine! Then retest when you’re at your freshest next week and when the painful memories have slightly faded :slight_smile:

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I had something similar happen - a computer shutdown at minute 14 and then an immediate retest where I fought to a draw with my old FTP. It is a big emotional letdown to be loaded for bear, gunning for glory and see it all disappear. Hard to wind it up again.

In the weeks since I have bumped my ftp by 5 without retesting as the high IF rides no longer felt as challenging as they should have. Will keep floating it gently upward as needed until I go too far. You have done enough Trainer Road to know the “edge of failure” feeling that the really hard workouts bring us to. If it is too easy for too long you know what to do.

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Thanks for the analysis. I’ll probably set it at 275 and see how the legs feel. :+1: