Ramp Test - No improvement in FTP after 5 weeks

Hi everyone,

I started on TrainerRoad almost 6 months ago with no previous training experience, also started cycling in July/2019.

My FTP on the first ramp test was 197, weight was 161 lbs so 2.70 W/kg.

The ramp test from last month (August 25th) estimated my FTP at 231 and my weight was 148 lbs (3.44 W/kg)

Yesterday I did the ramp test again and the result was 229 while my weight went up to 152 lbs (3.32 W/kg).

I’m 5’-10” and 43 years old. I am following the suggested low volume training plan on plan builder, did base, just finished build and am about to start the specialty (climbing). On average I do 2, sometimes 3 TR workouts and 1 longer outdoor ride per week. I did struggle with the workouts on the build phase after a FTP increase (215 to 231) with many incomplete or reduced intensity workouts during the last month.

I think I already know the answers for why my FTP did not improve this last month but was curious about other people’s experiences. In my case it’s probably not getting enough sleep (6 hours on average on weekdays). I could also improve my diet and cut down on sweets.



Did you get to the 20 min mark?
if you stopped somewhere in the 19 min range it will give you similar FTP (which is what you got).

Sometimes you have a bad day at the ramp. Its ok. Its so close i would keep the old FTP.

Was the room hotter? Did you slept well the night before?
nutrition issues? Maybe you stop too early?
Too many variables.

How were your wo before the ramp…did you struggled?

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This is a common problem. Find some useful info here:


Not quite 20 minutes considering the warm up period was 5 minutes (24min 23s total).

The room was not hotter but I was feeling tired before the test, definitely not enough sleep, legs feeling heavy. Probably not the best day to do the test.

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Thanks! I’ll take a look at these other posts.

on this test
19 is the break point
19-19:29 will give you lower FTP, but not by much
19:2x-> 19:5x will stay the same
20:00 you get higher FTP


Thanks, that’s very good information!

I should have said…20 after the WU.
20 steps if you will

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  • Since there is a 5 minute start section, there are 15 steps from that to the 20m mark.



And this is why you are paid the big bucks!


Details, schmetails… the curse of an engineer mind :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure this is 100% accurate as I didn’t quite make it to 20 mins on my last ramp test, yet my ftp went up a little from 240 to 243.

  • Right, the 19:30 assumes very close tracking (power data average) over the final 1 and 5 minute steps.

  • If a rider is above or below the power targets by enough, the actual FTP in the final results may differ from the 19:30 ideal.

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Don’t forget your ftp might not have increase but your 20min/5min/30sec power might have improved. Just cos one thing hasn’t changed doesn’t mean other areas haven’t increased.

I know my ftp stayed pretty static for a while but I was flying (for me) up hills as my 5 minute power had taken a nice jump.


As others have said…FTP is not the only measure of improvement. Can you hold SS efforts for longer? Is your repeatability improved? Can you ride for longer? Can you do hard efforts longer into a long ride? etc etc.

Also, if you have been struggling with build workouts while only getting 6 hours of sleep then you are probably just over fatigued. Build is really intense and requires much better recovery than the base phase. I’d imagine you’re just over worked/under recovered.


First: You should be very proud of your accomplishments to date:

  • Starting and maintaining a structured training program is a significant accomplishment.
  • Progress to date (2.7 to 3.3+WpKg) is huge. Congrats!

Second: Progress is seldom linear. We often hit plateaus and just need to continue forward. The improvements will continue.

Third: As @mwglow15 says FTP is not your only measure of improvement. My recommendation would be to look at your entire power duration curve at the start of the block and end and compare to see where you have improved or stayed the same (provided you have sufficient data points).