Ramp test - results

Trained last 4 weeks of Traditional - mid volume at 252 FTP. Today’s Ramp test resulted in a lower FTP 237 -6% decrease. oh well.

Question: Accepting this lower FTP did not change my levels, so should I keep my previous FTP as each power zone will now be lower given the result of the my recent ramp test?

Cheers :v:

I’d suggest a quick email to support@trainerroad.com for review to start. There’s not enough info here to make a proper suggestion without lots of guessing.

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@mcneese.chad will do.

Trying to ensure I am progressing in the right direction. I was able to complete workouts at my previous higher ftp. The last 4 weeks have been all Z2 work and am sitting at Endurance level 6.2 currently. After todays ramp test result of a lower FTP that level didn’t change.

I am assuming that due to the lack of threshold or higher effort work over these weeks is why I am seeing a decline.

I experienced the same after TB HVII. Completing workouts without issue so seemed odd to reduce effort on what was still mostly Z2 going forward. In the end I decided to just manually reduce only 2% to see how it went. TB HVIII went just fine and got a nice 4.5% boost. Not sure if it was just a better test day or that III had more intensity.

Now finding out whether all those hours will let me sustain SSB HV. Am 54 and will drop to MV if it feels too much.