Creatine in the off season

So, I am going to start my off season program in a few weeks, which will consist of mid-volume base (minus one day) plus two days of strength training in the gym. I am really keen to raise my FTP as high as possible and keep my weight reasonably the same as my main event for 2019 is the Mount Washington Auto Road Hill Climb.

To my question, to help increase strength I am thinking about creatine during maybe base and build for my gym workouts. I understand that I will gain a few pounds of water weight but I’ll be in the trainer as I will not brave the New England winters. Once I get outside I’ll drop the creatine and the weight gained but hopefully keep the muscle and strength with an increased FTP.

Am I crazy? Or is this a logical plan?

The TR crew doesn’t recommend it.

See episode 141:

I tried it once. Added a fair bit of weight, didn’t increase my strength but increased my blood pressure !

I trained a lot more in the gym before I started cycling and had recovery mixes with creatine in it in the beginning.

I wouldn’t bother with it, the only thing it’s good for is to make it look like you have quicker gains but it’s just the fluid that you keep extra and not so much stronger muscles.

I currently use the XXL Nutrition - Advanced Post Workout mix for my recovery, that works fine me.

Thanks all, just started thinking about it after GCNs new supplement video they posted the other day. And then did some research and found a lot of conflicting results. I’ll just stick to the natural path.

Do folk take protein immediately after sessions?

Either via natural source or a powder?

I typically go with a 4:1 carb to protein ration shake right after because a) its breakfast typically and b) I find that it helps with recovery before my mid day/afternoon workout. If I am only doing a single workout in a day I will take in protein as well but am not as concerned about how quickly I get it in.

Regarding Creatine: It might help with power sprints but hard to say. It helps with power lifting strength or if you are pushing a lineman out of the way, but the jury is still out with regards to how it helps with endurance. You will at least get a nice pump for Instagram

Yes, I either make something like a breakfast burrito (make a bunch and freeze them) with sweet potatoes and a protein (turkey, bison, something lean). The skrarch labs cook book has great recipes. Or I use either the skrarch labs or fluid recovery shakes. Both have great taste. It’s 3 or 4 to 1 (carbs to protein).

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I’d be more inclined to ensure your diet isn’t leaving you deficient than to look to supplement.

Unless of course you are vegetarian/vegan etc.

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Last pre-season I used choco milk (2 cups) + protein powder (30g) to very good effect; at ‘A Race’ time I was the leanest & strongest I’ve ever been.

This pre-season training I’m trying to cut out the dairy as well as resorting to more natural/less processed sources of protein, e.g. eggs etc.

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Yes. Vanilla protein shake with milk. Lovely and really helps. My girlfriend was sceptical of this but tried it herself and she found that she recovered quicker, less muscle pain and she could train more, which of course equals going faster on the bike!