Nate’s gym routine

Just listened to the podcast and am curious as to the routine you’re using @Nate TIA

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Strong app




@Nate just watched and looking :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

Do you split back/bicep days from leg days? For time reasons I’m targeting full body 3x per week.

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Do you take L-Carnitine post workout?

I’m doing PPL method, so three days. Push one day, pull next day, legs after that.


No, creatine for sure though.


Is your post workout protein/recovery meal/drink different vs. a cycling workout?

I’ve been using 10g protein and 40g carbs for post cycling but curious if this should change after strength workouts. From what I read (albeit limited reading) for strength you want to bump that to 20g or even 30g of protein. Wanted to know if you’ve been doing.

The supplement cheatcode for those extra reps.

Stay away from pre workout though. Sends you down a caffeine hole.

Definitely up the protein. The same way you fuel cycling with carbs, you have to provide ample protein for the recovery of your muscles when lifting. If you don’t you’ll notice that you aren’t recovering fast enough. I generally hover around the 1.5g per kg mark. It’s probably over what most need, but it’s better to be over than under.

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Is it normal to experience some weight gains (water?) when you start the incorporation of gym training to your schedule?
I am asking because I’ve put on some pounds the last weeks and the only factor I’ve changed is switching 2 rides to gym sessions instead, i.e. food intake, etc. is the same.

On my 2 cents… And poor grammar, it’s because of many factors. Accumulated water /carbs into the muscles’ cells.
Also, it’s relevant to point out how you re actually doing your weight training: are you lifting and bulking? Because the number of reps and the fashion you do so will impact on how you get only strong with a minimal bulk or bigger etc.
In a podcast I think Coach Chad mentioned how it is for the cyclist to not bring the muscles to failure since that would cause the aka bulk, making one heavier.

It’s not training to failure that causes growth. Rather it’s doing efforts around hypertrophy ranges. So say you’re doing 4x12. That volume will tear more microfibrils than say 5x5. Volume matters a whole lot. If you’re doing say 3 reps, you’ll be training almost purely neuromuscular efforts

Did a similar working and actually just started it again. Used to lift more in the past. I’ve done back/bicep, chest/tricept, shoulders/legs, rinse, repeat. Did those back to back, so six days repeating those three and one day rest. Now doing two of the three, rotating them every week with three runs and three rides, feel like I’m not getting much from three rides, about ready to bump it up to four rides.

Dumbbell curls
Preacher curls
Barbell curls
Concentration curls
Hammer curls


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What I said too:

I always lift right after I ride. That’s when I have time and it won’t impact my cycling. I’m sure I’m messing with my amp-k a bit but I seem to be progressing.

I don’t do any protein recovery shakes. I usually drink tart cherry juice with creatine, beta alanine and citrulline malate in it during my workouts (immediately post ride).

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I’ve noticed that. If you take creatine you’ll almost certainly gain some water weight. I don’t know the science behind that though.

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Are you finding much benefit from splitting out PPL that way? When I was lifting a bit more seriously I used to target different muscle groups on different days. Lifting as part of a cycling programme I’m only lifting once or twice per week, so I hit every muscle group every time. Which is also more time-efficient as I can do supersets e.g. alternating between push and pull exercises with minimal rest in between. Not sure I’d do it this way if I was trying to make significant strength gains, but for me it’s more about maintaining the strength and muscle mass I’ve got and injury prevention, I don’t particularly need to make any gains.

Guess it might also depend on what your lifting setup is. If you have all the equipment you need at home and can lift whenever you want with zero downtime then maybe makes sense to lift more frequently and target a specific muscle group each time. Whereas if lifting involves ~30 minutes of wasted time spent packing a bag, driving to and from the gym, etc then it might make more sense to get everything done while you’re there.

@Nate do you plan to stop creatine prior to race season to drop the water weight or does it not bother you?