Time to plan the offseason

This year has been a challenge for all cyclists with cancellations of our favourite events and our riding group sizes reduced. In short it has sucked. But hope springs eternal and I just finished writing my next plan which starts in September and runs for a year (A event is hopefully on in Sept 2021) Of course a nutrition plan has been outlined with a cheat day once a month and employing some of the overload training for cyclists via weights.

One thing that I would like an opinion on though. As I live in the Great White North most of my winter training will of course be indoor with trainer road I am thinking of using Creatine during this time. My thoughts are that as creatine causes weight gain (water retention) but aids in training. Would the indoor winter season would be the perfect time to do this. Can anyone see a down side to this.

I also take a multivitamin and collagen year round

Creatine supplements, like almost all supplements, are beneficial only if you have a deficiency and respond to the supplement. Not everyone does.

So whats your offseason plan?

Im likely to focus on strength training, and get off the bike for a while.

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