Crashed on Palisade

I get you just went outiside for a short 1 hour ride to replace Taku. I was flying even at low rpe.

I’lget to it and prepare better next time.


As a follow-up question… I had my recovery week and did a ramp test yesterday. It went from 137 to 151 and i was not at my best. Tired, Dehydrated and just out of a round of anti-biotic. This week I have McAdie +1 scheduled. Considering I failed palisade and my ftp went up. I was considering moving the key saturday workout this way… Palisade, McAdie+ 1, Kaweah and Clark after 2-3 days recovery on my recovery week. I’m on a 4-3-3 as per @chadmcneese progression.

Is it sensible? My train of thought is if I failed Palisade at 7 minutes of the second set at 145 watts theres no way I will do 12 minutes of the same workload at 151 watts. Any thoughts?

Well, if you think you won’t, you won’t. Confidence is a big part of this equation. McAdie is .02 higher in IF, but it has fewer intervals, so it might not be as hard as you think. The tired and dehydrated part are concerns. Not sure if you can do anything about that from your comments above, but recovery is critical to progressing.

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I died on the third interval, scaled it back to just over ftp on the over and ramped up if I felt stronger. I wouldn’t see that as a failure. For me I shouldn’t have drank the night before. As long as it’s still over then I think we’re in the clear. lolll

Like with any thread like this.

Just move on.

We all do good, we all do bad, but there is another workout coming so forget what happened yesterday and move on to tomorrow.

Instead of posting here. Take the time to create some notes for yourself about what happened with that workout. Note to yourself why you had difficulties.

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This. Make copious notes, how much sleep and quality of sleep you had the night before, fluid (with carbs?) intake, external factors such as family or work stress, the weather/temperature.

Equally recognise that sometimes you just don’t fancy getting on the bike and doing a workout and “failure” might have nothing to do with the workout itself. Last week I failed on Basin+1, I didn’t even get through the first set. This week I did Basin with little problem, the only difference between the two is that Basin has four sets and the +1 has five, no difference in length or intensity.

It’s that time of year for me again… SSB I Med. I’m on week 3, with McAdie this weekend, but I’m already psyching myself up for the big 2… Palisade in 2 weeks and then McAdie+1 . Anyone else at a similar stage in their plan?

Yup, just ripped Palisade last night. Went better than expected, which was amazing and inspired confidence.

Best part, with my modified schedule, I have a few easy one and a recovery next week.


breaking is more likely then making in this case :wink:
(but that seems to be the general consensus).

palisade is very hard, both on the legs and the lungs. first time I felt my legs for 3 days…
if you can’t make it through the first interval, it’s time for recovery, but also consider an overestimated FTP… (threshold and over unders are a lot less killing since I switched from ramp to 20 minute test, 3% lower)

Are you sure? :wink:
I did my weekend Overunder just 15min ago.
Last weekend it felt horrible, I thought I’ll never do a TR workout again. Last Interval was an all out effort. I felt like I fueled it well enough last weekend (2 gels).
This time I overate a bit within the last 24h and took gels from the beginning on. I couldn’t get 90g/hr in, but even the 70g/hr made it so much easier. It almost felt like cheating. (Although after all these SIS Gels I feel a bit sick now :joy:). It now definitely matched the RPE numbers in the workout description.

Made this for fun…


So, is this the support thread for one fail the wo?
Asking for a friend…


I ran into the Palisade buzzsaw about a month ago and got shredded. On my first attempt, I barely made it through the warmup and knew I wasn’t up for it that day. I tried again the next day and bailed after the first interval. That became the foundation for a reset.

Memorialized here:

Being the stubborn lad that I am, first order of business was to push back my plan a week, insert a Palisade Prep Recovery Week and reattempt it the following week. That worked. Second order of business was to insert extra recovery weeks into my SSMV block inspired by suggestions in Chad McNeese’s post Alternate Sweet Spot Base, Work : Recovery Week Layout.


My throat was actually sore for several hours from the breathing required to get my through Palisade! That hasn’t happened on any other TR workout, before or since. Mind you, I have McAdie +1 today so …

EDIT: Similar outcome after McAdie, but at least I made it!


“Jim 0 - Palisade 6”. Hilarious!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl: That’s why I like this thread so much.


Every time I see this thread, I think of a car crash on the Palisades Parkway.

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Hey Chad, What’s the 4-3-3 plan?

That is my Alternate Sweet Spot Base program. Adds another recovery week, by altering the default 5:1 Work : Recovery ratio.

I also did one to swap Build and Specialty from 3:1 to 2:1 (with an extra recovery week as well).


First time I did Palisade was a Saturday morning, a rarity for me. Totally crushed me at the time and is still, to this day, the workout that dominates my thinking the week before more than any other. Anything else in SSBLV is simply ‘easier’, even Mary Austin -1 doesn’t seem as bad. I think it is the psychology of the 2on-1off ratio. Every time I complete now I get a huge motivational lift.

I just ALMOST crushed carpathian peak +2 yesterday.

I got cocky I think lol. I have a history of consistent difficulty with over-unders. Went in yesterday with the attitude of ‘I have the fitness for this, I know I have the fitness for this, I’m just going to endure it.’

And I DID…until the last ‘over’ of the last interval…when my mindset changed from ‘I’m going to gut this out’ to ‘I’ve got this in the bag.’

I’m still happy with my performance…just a couple backpedals in the last ~3’ of one interval, but still it is a reminder of how much a difference focus/mindset makes.

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