Post Recovery Week Blues and a Bummer Ramp Test

Did SSBLV 1 & 2. Did the two weekly interval sessions and did challenging Sat group rides in place of the Sat plan ride. Seems TR TSS for low volume is 200 ish. If I added any riding during the week, it was legit low intensity 65% or lower. With my challenging group ride, I averaged 450 to 550TSS. Not uncommon to rack up 200 on Sat group ride. I did bail on Sat group ride during recovery weeks. After SSBLV 1 & 2 I picked up 20w. My plan was to repeat SSBLV 1 & 2 to cement that 20w gain. Just finished the second SSBLV1 and took the rest week. It was a good recovery week, sleep ect, but when I went to do the last trainer ride on Sat, I struggled. Slept and rested well Sun and Mon. Ramp Tested Tues. Legs felt like crap. Went to failure no doubt. Hit a heart rate that I can only touch when fresh but my legs were screaming at me. Lost 10w. This may be my wishful thinking but no intensity for 9 days might be hurting my ramp test. Did the next interval session the next day. First set sucked but by the end of the workout, I was humming. Its almost like race day openers. Im wondering if I should do the first workout to get things moving again and do the ramp test after that first workout. Anybody else struggle coming off Recovery Week?

I personally do.

Here’s what I have found that has worked a little better for me at the end of a recovery week.

2-3 days before ramp test: First 80% of a ride at endurance pace then tempo pace for the last 20%.

1 day before ramp test: Opener ride like Truuli -1


I agree with what James said, but if you want to keep it more simple by not modifying or adding workouts, just move one of the recovery week rides to the day before your ramp test. Just doing SOMETHING, even if it’s low intensity, can be very helpful for many of us on the day before an intense effort.

I’m with you. This kind of pacing give me the best result for the ramp after the recovery week.

Usually I don’t ride until wednesday on recovery week.
So Wednesday is really easy endurance ride (about 60-90min), Thursday is endurance with intermittent sprint (Gibbs +1, etc), and 3 to 3.30 hour endurance with some tempo on Saturday.

Doing Truuli +1 on Monday and finally ramp test on Tuesday.

Based on your warmup protocol you shared with me (and how successful it has been), I might be inclined to mirror your approach on this one too and try it before my next ramp test next week…

I’ve been having success doing the ramp test the Saturday of recovery week. I’m following mid volume plan, 3 easy rides (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) I make even easier by staying in more z1. By the time Saturday rolls around it’s been 5 days since an intense workout and I feel great.
If I do great I get a couple more easy rides, about 4 days before the first hard interval session. If I don’t do great on the ramp test I retest when it’s originally scheduled.
Been working for me so far.

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Great ideas. I think adding some tempo to the last easy ride on Sat and doing a short opener workout will be the ticket prior to the next Ramp Test.