Middle of SSB2, new ramp test, raise intensity, neither?

I just finished week 3 of SSB2 LV (I also add in one 3ish hour zone 2 MTB ride each week). I did Palisade this afternoon, I expected it to be awful based on what I had read, and it wasn’t too terrible.

In comparison to Kaweah in week 1 I had a much lower heart rate and RPE in Palisade. I am quite sure I have already experienced a significant improvement just 3 weeks in, which is great!

I am fairly new to structured training so I know the quick gains are somewhat to be expected. Earlier this week I turned up the intensity on Bluebell on the last few intervals to 105% and that felt appropriate. I thought that one was easier because my VO2 is more developed than my aerobic endurance (background is 10 years of CrossFit and lots of MTB). But after Palisade I think my FTP may be above my ramp test 3 weeks ago where I landed at 280.

I only have two weeks left of SSB2 before my recovery week. Should I A) take a new ramp test now B) increase intensity on each workout to around 105% or C) leave it alone and wait for scheduled ramp test after recovery week?

If it helps, my goal is to finish sub 9:00 in Leadville in August. After SSB2 I enter sustained power build.

My two cents, don’t retest or raise intensity. Remember that the efforts are going to progress in the next two weeks. The 5x9 threshold efforts on Saturday progress to three sets of 2x10 next week with Mary Austin, and the 1 minute Vo2 max efforts progress to 3 minute sufferfests.

My experience has been that the fatigue really ramps over the last few weeks as the progressions begin to take their toll.


That makes sense, I noticed the recoveries get a lot shorter too.

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Even once you get towards the end—ie when you only have a few workouts left before you get to rest—I’d consider making the intervals longer or adding an extra interval instead of increasing the intensity, as this is your chance to focus on extending TTE. The intensity will come soon enough in build.