Workout DNF (Reschedule or skip)

Last workout of SSB I MV (McAdie +1) for me didn’t go as planned. My legs just felt really dead today for some reason and I found it near impossible to hold a real cadence, and didn’t feel mentally there even after a warmup. Made it thru Palisade at 101% intensity even just fine last week. Should I just do this during my recovery week or just skip it?

100% skip! Enjoy that recovery week, sounds like you earned it and need it. The only thing that rescheduling is going to achieve is cutting down on your recovery going into SSB2 which makes it more likely you will DNF workouts in that plan as well.


I’d skip it. Doing it next week will potentially throw off your recovery(which it sounds like you need).

That’s probably what I’ll do. I made it thru the other SSB workouts just fine and they were manageable.

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mlunin check that link above. Its a really hard exercise. Someone said in that topic that the compliance rate of it is only around 60% and I think that guys saying it’s not hard they can only be joking or have their FTP settled to low.

Skip that one and rest. Nest satge SSBII (I’m starting tomorrow).

Wow, glad to hear that’s not only me… Yesterday I completed the McAdie and today I had another with IF80 but I had to skip because I could feel my legs tired even before trying. Not sure now how to go on, if skip the IF80 and move to the low intensity scheduled for tomorrow or try the high intensity one… My legs will decide tomorrow I guess

I actually ended up completing McAdie +1 successfully yesterday!

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