Crashed on Palisade

Hi guys i’m doing the 4-3-3 version of SSBMV as per Chad Mcneese tweek on the program. Friday, I did about 1 KM “walk” of lunges with my son to get him moving. And saturday I did an outside long ride equivalent to Koip though my legs where fried. Yesterday I tried my luck at Palissade with my legs pretty fried. Noticed my HR rate was really high right off the bat. I crashed at the beginning of the 7th minute of the second set with à cramp in my left thigh.

I’m supposed to be in recovery week this week. Should I just try my luck at palisade again tomorrow and then proceed to recevery or just skip the workout entirely?

I should add that on the ramp test week 1 I tested at 137. And proceeded to do tunemah and Mcadie and the rest of the weeks at 142 as SS work felt like tempo work. And the bumped at 145 after Mcadie as it felt more le SS work.

Nutrition is good. But sleep is bad for reasons not related to training.

Thanks for your input.

I think you put Palisade behind you and keep on with your scheduled recovery.


Agreed. One workout will not make or break your fitness. Keep to your schedule.


Skip it - go to recovery


Adding to the good advice above, take a lesson from this. Don’t neglect the planned difficulty of any workout. Looking at the Intensity Factor, Duration, and your prior experience with similar workouts is important AHEAD of time.

For me, Palisade is no joke, and I plan my week and the timing of that workout appropriately, so I get it when I am fresh. Taking it on fatigued would be a recipe for my own failure in it. Sounds like the leading days put you in a place that was less than ideal to nail the workout.


Thank you guys!

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Yeah, normally I do a Saturday free ride and do the 90 minute workout Sunday, but this week swapped Palisade to Saturday because I knew those 2 minute overs would require some fresher legs.

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Ok so if I get you right. Lunges + long ride prior to palissade was not the best course of action. Usually, I do the O/U workout on saturday but this time I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it so I inverted the long ride and the O/U to give my legs a break. I guess it wasn’t enough. All my son’s fault anyway :wink: lesson learned. Don’t take your son to a 1km lunge “walk” on Fridays.


Palisade is hard. Really hard. It’s usually planned after an off day, or at least a very easy ride. If TR annotated weekly “breakthrough” workouts, it would be one and should be treated as such.

As others mentioned, just move on, but learn something from this experience.


By looking at it I didn’t realize how hard it was. I had done warlow previously without any real difficulties. And McAdie was not particularly hard the previous week. I understand palisade is an other beast with the two minutes overs. Lesson learned.


You nailed it… Palisade and McAdie +1 are great workouts at the end of SSB1. I finished McAdie (not +1) with a 3-day old new FTP two weeks ago… hard, but doable. Palisade then summarily kicked my ass one week later. Warlow might as well be Pettit relative to Palisade. :laughing:

Palisade is deceptive because it’s only .01 higher IF than Warlow and 3 more TSS, but it’s a lot more challenging. However, once you do these workouts, you know.

I find it is definitely helpful to add annotations to every workout on the calendar so you can look back and be prepared for the next time through. I usually note how it went, how it felt, any tips I learned, and any other information to put it in context so I can be prepared next time.


Totally agreed on the notes. Pre-ride research can help, but nothing beats prior experience. I happen to have a decent history with Palisade, and these notes are a great reminder that I look at each time before ones that I know may be tougher than your average workout.


WTF, 1km of walking lunges? I do 4 sets of walking lunges with dumbbells and it shreds my legs. Maybe you need to work up to that 1km. :slight_smile:

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Yeah that was pretty intense. It was over several sets but still. I wanted to give 9 years old some workout. I ended up doing them all. Anyway mission accomplished. He did get a workout and didn’t try to negotiate sleep time.

it’s because you didn’t fuel that with sugar water. 100g a bottle. c’mon get with the times!


I couldn’t agree more. :wink:

Looking back:

“Great workout. Nice long recoveries.
Had to watch race video to help out the last interval.
That hurt”.

“F-ing brutal. My legs are humming after that.
Hit a wall at 1:06 this time. By the next set I was back on top. Feeling good pushing through the last set.
Had to get off and quickly check on the little man after the third set. (No back spinning)”.

Nothing quite as detailed as Chad’s notes above but enough to remind me that Palisade is no joke.

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This might go back to the DOMS commentary when adding weight training… If you complete a similar set of lunges every week (which it sounds like you haven’t recently) it might have gone better.

Add it to your data of previous engagement file (DOPE), and move on. Get the recovery you need, do fewer lunges further away from “key” workouts in the future. You’ll be alright not re-attempting Palisades.

I’ve done Palisade six times in 18 mos… it’s a go to workout of mine when I do modified mid season Base work.

My notes on the one from last week started with “Brutal…”

I’ve nailed it 4/6 times which is probably among my highest “failure” rates.


It took me 3 attempts to complete Palisade in SSBII… it’s a breakthrough workout imo and a huge mental boost to complete it - but not one to take lightly (I’m 47, ftp 230). I took a rest day on Saturday and did it on Sunday morning.

Palisade is, imo, as much about the mental attitude. For me I had to not think of the 5 sets - my approach was to just aim for 3 of the 5 sets (an improvement) and re-evaluate after that. Once you get 4 in the bag then you only have 1 left.

I did Mary Austin the following week (as per SSBII) and found it easier to approach having notched up Palisade.