Did I just ruin my recovery week?

Just wrapping up SSBI MV, in the recovery week. Local club is doing a thing that you have a month to do a given gravel course and report your time(April-September). Up to this point I couldn’t work the hour drive to this months start location until yesterday.

So I let it rip. 50 miles, 2,661 ft of gain. 3hr22min. NP 217. IF 0.88.

April Driftless Gravel Challenge

I’m cooked. How would you treat recovery between now and my ramp test on next Tuesday? TSS scheduled for the week was lower than the ‘Race’ yesterday ended up with. Keeping Andrews on Saturday and possibly even Fletcher on Sunday seem a bit much. Thinking of knocking Andrews down to Pettit-1 and Fletcher down to Bald Knob. On a brighter note, I would expect a good bump in FTP since I ended up with an IF of 0.88 on a 3+ hour ride! How would you treat recovery between now and my ramp test on next Tuesday?

I would take a day off extra now and move the rest forward, take the ramp on wednesday or thursday and skip that days scheduled workout. And then be back with the schedule


I agree with @ILiveToRide, take a day off and rest. Saturday & Sunday you can probably do some recovery rides like Taku or Petit. I don’t even know if you’d need to push the Ramp Test out at all. 260 TSS is a big ride, but from your training, it doesn’t look like it’s well over what you’ve been doing. I wouldn’t do Andrews and Fletcher as scheduled, I’d probably cut those down to easier endurance rides, and maybe a leg opener Monday to see how your legs feel.

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Thanks, I’m gonna take today off completely, then do Petit -`1 on Saturday and Bald Knob on Sunday. If I’m not feeling decent by Tuesday I’ll consider pushing the ramp to wednesday as its a scheduled endurance ride anyway and do something light on tuesday.

I don’t think you need that much recovery for a ramp test. I wouldn’t think you need to overreact. I might just do something recovery or zone 2 today and make sure you aren’t exceeding your normal TSS for the week and keep on schedule.


It’s hard to say how much rest he needs but if he’s cooked then he should take time off, do some easy recovery rides and try to get 8+ hours of sleep every night until he’s not cooked.