Any update about triathlon plans?

Only few weeks left for my one-year subscription.
So I’m asking for any triathlon plans update, in order to renew my account.

I think RUN workouts could get better.

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Can you be more specific than “better”?

How or why are they lacking?

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Over the last 6 months I did a lot of research into stand alone run programmes and they really aren’t that different, an interval set, a easier run, a long run. What more are you looking for?


I think they’re very basic and lack some of the followings:

  • workouts with different paces within the same interval
  • intervals with active recoveries between
  • progressive pace runs and intervals
  • up-hill intervals
  • workouts containing different intervals length

some are useful for perfoming better, some other are simply a way no to get bored… all of them belongs to standard programming, according to my studies.

some of them are useful in swimming too… but i don’t like swimming :smiley: so it’s ok whatever :smiley:

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A lot of what you see in run only plans is fluff.

There are hill repeats, varied length intervals, runs with walk breaks, in the tri plans.

Tri is hard enough without weird and wonderful complex run workouts that may or may not help you, with TR you’re focussing most of your intensity on the bike - you can’t do that and do it on the run or you’ll break :slightly_smiling_face:

For me, there is too much intensity in the run sessions of the tri plans, I get knee pain if I start the all out intervals or a few weeks of hill repeats.


We appreciate your very specific feedback @joe73. I will pass your suggestions onto the team for consideration :+1:.

Sadly, a triathlon plan overhaul is not currently on the Development Roadmap. We may visit the possibility of making iterative changes to the triathlon plans when we start working on outside run + swim workout support, but we have no concrete plans at this time.


I agree that the run portion is fairly generic, but I don’t pay TR for run workouts. It is the bike workouts alone that I think are worth my money.

As for your criticism, of course the plans could be more complex. But if you’ve done the research, why don’t you modify the plan to fit your needs? It appears you are well informed and know exactly what you want. Why not do what many triathletes are doing and take the bike workouts and use the run and swim portion to guide the overall progression of individually designed workouts?

Also, and not to be rude, but of the points you are criticizing, they’re basically all the same apart from the second to last. „More complex intervals“ ist what you’re saying and in my experience intervals and tempo work are not lacking from the plans, for me it is frequency and sweet spot runs that is not enough.


Now this is massively exciting, having the runs sent straight to my garmin would be great rather than worrying about pushing lap buttons and remembering interval numbers


You can read up on this feature request and voice your support over in this thread:

As for where we stand progress-wise, here is the latest update from Nate:


Is there any way to show only the bike portion of a triathlon plan in your calendar. I would like to use TR for my bike prep for a full distance tri, but will be logging runs and swims elsewhere. I know you can just start a plan then remove the runs and swims each week, but this is fairly time consuming, and initially it really clogs up my calendar. It would be great if there was a check box or similar where you could choose which sports you would like to add to the plan each time.

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No, there is no option for this. Manual removal, as you mention, is the only way right now.

Your basic request is mentioned in other Triathlon related threads and Feature Request.

Don’t bother with the TrainerRoad calendar. Especially for triathletes, It’s not worth the time. It’s far easier to log tss plan for biking in the competitor’s calendar.


Same here…I love tr and the calendar but it’s just too hard to manual add all the tss and numbers or run and swim

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