Still no Duathlon Plans?

2 years later still waiting on duathlon plans. Any new suggestions on what to do for sprint/Olympic triathlons?

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Were duathlon plans ever mentioned as being on the roadmap?

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I’m thinking why not more so. Years ago one of the workers said they were looking into to it. I have heard lots of other people ask about it. Just so strange it’s not an option.

We’re still not even syncing runs to the calendar after a recent promise that it was coming…

I’m grandfathered in to OK pricing, but I’m feeling like I need to see run sync etc this year to keep me.


You can always do a tri plan an remove the swim?
The swims on the tri plan are usually the same days as runs or bikes.
Its not what you want/need, but its probably close enough.

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Thanks for the interest. I have done that before, I don’t want to delete swim and mess with all that. I’m looking at other avenues, I just wanted TR to hear me again. Duathlon is bigger than ever as people lost the chance to swim or just way to busy for 3rd sport.

Thanks , looking at other plans, I did want to try the adaptive training but whatever.

Thanks Joel, much appreciated.

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TR has been focusing on other things other than adding features outside of cycling.
I stopped doing the tri plans about a year ago. The intensity was all over the place and not really well thought out.

Good luck!

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You can do the 40K TT plan and add a running plan of your choosing. You’ll need to adjust the volume appropriately. I have done it before with pretty good success. I haven’t really been a fan of the run and swim workouts in the tri plans anyway.

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Gonna look at other apps, thx for input though, appreciated.

From previous experience (Cross Duathlon in my case with some Olympic road in the mix), I would pick the TR plan you want to do and then just add your run training on top (whether that’s of your own making, or from a coach/another plan). Whether or not you put them into TR is effectively up to you > total time and TSS weekly may be useful.

In my case I used low volume TR plan with generally 3 runs a week - this was prior to AT, but if I was going back to duathlon now I’d still go low volume AT plan plus 3 runs a week as a starter.

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Ya again all great tips, I just like the idea of a system knowing what I have done. I can do run plans separately, and bike plans separately, that’s easy just combining them to me is hard. And I used to to swim to , I always look back and wonder how I did it all.

For example base ride bike ride Sunday or base run Sunday as run plans include that base run.
And with adaptive training it’s gonna suggest bike work out not knowing the abuse I have put on my body runnning. But ya will see, all points are great.

Thanks Radical ,

This is the issue I was having with the tri plans…
I would add a very hard vo2max wo on Tuesday, followed by a very hard vo2max run on Wednesday, followed by a SS on Thursday… Its was hard to keep up with all the back to back to back wo.

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We’ve passed this feedback along to the team. Thanks, all!


Thanks Ivy.