70.3 Bike only training plan

I have an upcoming 70.3 race in early September and want to use the TR plan builder again.

Question is; I have a swim coach and a now a specific running plan that I am going to be using from now till the event. For the last event I did, Venice 70.3, I used the Middle distance Triathlon build planner but found that the majority of the swimming sessions I ignored because I have my own coach but I did follow the bike and some/most run sesisons.

As I now have a running plan to follow I really only need the bike plans. What’s the best way to do this in TR?

I could just do another Tri build but I’d be constantly moving the workouts around and distances etc, not sure how the AI would work with this?

Anyone have any reccomendations ?

In the past I would build the tri plan for the bike workouts, deleted the swims and runs and then I had custom run/swim ones id throw in swim was just one 50 min or something and then I had like 30 45 60 min run ones id throw in.

Not sure how that impacts RL/GL now but that is what I’ve done…

Currently I just have all the plans swims and runs in place since I’m not really doing either.

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Hey @M42CMF :slight_smile:

If you have the swim and run plan covered then like @mrtopher1980 mentioned, it makes sense to apply a Tri plan and skip the run/swim workouts!

Adaptive Training will still make the necessary adaptations to your bike workouts, so you should be all good to go!

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