Upload Run and Swim workouts from Garmin/Strava to TR calendar (Feature Request)

Didn’t know this… Oh well…there goes my hypothesis…


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They introduced smart workouts back in 2018.

Thanks for the nice summary and estimated timeline! :slight_smile:
I think your “mouseketool” hypothesis makes sense.

Thanks, @LucasKun. Appreciate the information. Working in the technology field with vendors on app development … I’d say after 2-3 years of talking about it without a timeline, it’s simply not a priority … that’s disappointing.


I would not say it not a priority, but if they are relying on a major refactoring of their infrastructure/apps, then it might be not worth to do significant work now when you will have to re do it later.

As a software developer I can say that things take time. Software can be tricky. Specially when you are wrestling multiple fronts in this case, I suspect that there has been major changes to the backend to support whatever the mystery mouseketool may be. This will cause major changes to the front ends and will cause delays on all the other things.

Based on how the new feature has not been even announced, yet mentioned multiple times, I would argue that they hit a major hiccup in the development that is causing EVERYTHING to slip to the right.

But, personally, I would rather have TR deliver a good update rather than Cyberpunk 2077 bullshit.


I would agree that they should deliver a good update and I am hoping that one day they do, but I also agree with @Bbdude that after so long it is pretty clear to me that triathlon is not a priority for TR. Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe all (or most) of the cycling plans were part of the incremental updates talked about (link below) but triathlon plans were not even on the roadmap (link below).

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I have no idea why the ever-promised, never-delivered Zwift UI update comes to my mind right now.

But hey, they fixed a bug that crashed the app in large group events. I mean, who could have predicted large group events would ever be a thing?


Indeed. I’d be happy to join one if there were any…
Unless TR has only a handful of users, almost no-one is publishing group workouts in the forum and even less do join…
I’d love this feature, if it could be used, but at this state of development, I’m not sure it was worth the effort.
Import Swim/run would have been a better use of resources (at least for me).


I meant Zwift, not TR.

I agree to some degree.
The “group” rides are meant more as a IRL friends sharing pain rather than sharing pain with randos.

One key difference is that TR group is a video chat, Zwift is a game-ish interface.

You dont want to video chat someone you dont really know… that would be awkward…


Actually I do. It’s like meeting someone on the road and talking about goals for the year or past adventures.
I understand that this is not for everyone, but I really enjoyed meeting others from around the globe and having a chat with them during the TR workouts. Time flies and it was always fun.
Since I have no IRL friends that use TR (all Zwitters…), I’d love to use this feature even more with randos. :slight_smile:

sorry for OT. Nevertheless I support the request for S/R workouts.



I do that too. ride with randos on the road.

But I still find awkward the video thing on TR, specially when a lot can go wrong… Just look at all the stuff going now days with video conference at the work place…

IDK… just not my cup of tea


As someone who has don’t both the Tri plans and the Cycling plans I’d say the cycling plans were in most desperate need of revision. The tri plans would never destroy me such that I would start failing lots of workouts the way the old cycling ones would. Failing workouts regularly doesn’t harden people up, it just means the plan needed improvement.
Unfortunately their data on run & swim even if they had everything synced and organized wouldn’t nearly have the quantitative depth to analyze the way bikes with power generate data especially within a structured workout. Even when most people do a run or swim workout they aren’t using a programmed workout on their watches. So just focusing on adjusting the bike part based on the data makes sense. We know Nate loves triathlon so I’m in the camp that they will get back to it when they can on the developments side - feels like the iOS rewrite has been harder than they hoped. Anyway once Nate starts ironman training you have to know he’s going to want not only to have his get his activities synced back, but he’s going to want to be pushing structured swim and bike workouts to his watch.


So… Is this next? Asking for a friend…



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The number of people who asked about this during the podcast is too damn high! lol

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For better or worse, the number of multi-sport users here is very high!


I’m thinking of turning duathlete now with the pools sitll being closing here

Same… but in my case because I am a worse than terrible swimmer… :man_shrugging:

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We’re in the same boat (see what i did there…cause we can’t swim for $hit)

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