What happens to your body during a warmup, the do’s and don’ts of pre-workout nutrition, why you may reconsider your next recovery drink & more in this week’s episode of the Ask a Cycling coach Podcast.

Topics covered in this episode

  • TrainerRoad CX Nationals Athlete Panel Event
  • We’re hiring three software engineers! (www.TrainerRoad.com/jobs)
  • Why you should sync Strava and Garmin Connect to TrainerRoad
  • The science behind warmups
  • What actually happens during a warmup?
  • How to know when you should warm up
  • What type of warmup is best for your next race?
  • Should you train while you are sick?
  • How to come back to training after illness
  • Do smart trainers and power meters measure power differently?
  • Can upper body mass make you a faster cyclist?
  • How to time your strength training
  • Is heat training discipline specific?
  • Pre-workout nutrition to fuel your workouts
  • What you should think of before taking in a recovery drink
  • How to become a better climber

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