Standing vs. seated climbing, what it takes to go sub-8 at Leadville, peaking more than once & more in this episode of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast.

Topics covered in this episode

  • What it’s like to ride at professional team camps
  • Tactics or power to weight – which matters most?
  • How pro cyclists eat
  • How to beat a strong racer in a crit
  • How to train for Leadville
  • Why TT racers should race leadville
  • What it takes to go under 8 hours at Leadville
  • How to build useful sprint power
  • Is chloride bad for cyclists?
  • What to look for in an electrolyte drink
  • How to train between goal events
  • Differentiating between physical and psychological fatigue
  • How to use RPE to train
  • Ventilatory thresholds explained
  • Should you not stand on the trainer?
  • Which is faster: seated or standing pedaling?
  • How to reduce anterior pelvic tilt
  • Why cyclists need to loosen their hips

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Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee is a Level II USA certified cycling coach and the host of the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast. His background in the sport of motocross has translated into a passion for cycling, mountain biking and all things training. If you have a training question, submit your question for Jonathan to answer on the next episode of TrainerRoad’s podcast.