5x Olympian Katerina Nash joined us live from Interbike in front of a studio audience for a deep dive on cyclocross. Tune in and learn from one of cycling’s most successful athletes!

Topics covered in this episode

  • How to for Cyclocross Racing
  • Choosing tires for specific CX Courses
  • Using Running to get in shape for CX Season
  • Changing your training from MTB season to CX season
  • Nutrition for endurance races vs. a CX race
  • What to eat for breakfast prior to a race
  • What’s the best dinner the night before an endurance XC Race
  • Daily eating habits to be a high level endurance athlete
  • How do you pace for a CX Race
  • Step through or step around when dismounting in a CX Race?
  • What breaks to use when dismounting in a CX Race

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