What happens when you do high intensity efforts during base training, what it was like for Amber to be a pro domestique, and tips for beginner racers on their first year of racing and mountain bike stage races. Tune into Episode 281 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast for this and more!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Off-season plans for the hosts
  • How to plan an off-season
  • First season tips for beginners
  • MTB stage race tips from Alex Wild
  • What it was like for Amber being a pro domestique
  • Warming up for Enduro and other short races
  • A guide to ERG mode
  • How often should you take the Ramp Test
  • Guide to getting strength training equipment
  • Training in bad air quality
  • Mid-ride bottle handling etiquette
  • Which power smoothing settings are best?
  • Do high intensity efforts ruin base training?
  • What is the goal of base training?
  • Can you race during the Base Phase?
  • Would you rather have a high FTP or sustainable power?

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