We are excited to announce the newest addition to Group Workouts -the Group Ramp Test. You and your friends can show off your fitness improvements while getting that extra bit of motivation to push your limits. 

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Group Ramp Test Features

Just like with a group workout, you can share voice and video with up to ten other friends, while the workout is scaled to your FTP. But now you can share Live FTP data. During the Group Ramp Test, you can view and share your real-time FTP. Your Live FTP is the calculation of what your FTP would be if you ended the test at that moment. There will be a countdown timer until your Live FTP is calculated.

Additionally, you can choose to share your final FTP and W/kg results with the group. Live FTP can be viewed in the extended stats view, located next to your video stream. You will need the newest version of the TrainerRoad App on your Mac or Windows computer for this feature.

What are Group Workouts

TrainerRoad’s new Group Workouts feature helps you and your friends reach your goals while getting faster together. Eleven athletes can train together. You and ten of your friends can do the same workout while sharing voice, video, and data to have a built-in support system and extra motivation to nail your workouts.

What is a Ramp Test

The Ramp Test is designed to accurately evaluate your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) so that your workouts are tailored to your personal fitness and your power. This workout has a five-minute warm-up followed by an indefinite amount of one-minute long intervals. Each interval incrementally increases in intensity by six percent. Your goal is to follow the power target as closely as possible for as long as you physically can. When you reach your limit and you can’t pedal any longer, stop pedaling, and the test is done.  

Group Ramp Test FAQ

Do I have to share my Live FTP and final results?
No, before the workout begins you can opt-out of sharing your Live FTP, final FTP and W/kg results. 

Is the Group Ramp Test protocol the same as the Ramp Test?
Yes, the Group Ramp test starts with a five-minute warmup, then increases 6% with each step. Just keep going until you reach your limit and you can’t pedal any longer.

Can I pause a Group Ramp Test?
Yes, in contrast to a regular Group Workout, each individual can pause their own workout. It will not pause the entire group.

Can I join a Ramp Test after it has started?
Yes, you can join once the ramp test has started, but will only be able to spectate. Starting a ramp test once it has started will not deliver accurate results. 

What happens when the test is over?
When you have reached your limit and have stopped pedaling you will be asked if you are finished testing. If you are done, you can accept your new FTP or keep your old one. Finally, you can select Continue to Cooldown to finish with an easy spin. 

What if I keep my old FTP?
If you have opted to share your FTP data with the group, your prior FTP will be shared with the group.

How can I invite my friends to join my ramp test?
Share the group workout code with them. The workout code is displayed in the upper right corner of the workout screen.

Where can I find other TrainerRoad athletes to work out with?
There are plenty of like-minded cyclists in the TrainerRoad forum constantly planning Group Workouts. The Group Workout Room Sharing thread is a good place to find a group to ride with.

What improvements to Group Workouts are planned?
We are constantly improving this feature and will be releasing more improvements soon.