Tactics and etiquette to help you own your next group ride, what cyclists should know about cross-training, and how to rebound from a disappointing result. All of this and more in Episode 132 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

Topics covered in this episode

  • TrainerRoad Party at Cyclocross National Championships!
  • We’re hiring software engineers! Apply here.
  • Why you should sync Strava and Garmin Connect to TrainerRoad
  • What every racer should know about number pinning
  • Dealing with doctors as an endurance athlete
  • How important is power/weight?
  • Should you use your TT bike on the trainer?
  • How to use cross-training for cyclists
  • How to nail interval workouts outside
  • Can long course triathletes use MTB for training?
  • Your guide to nailing an FTP test
  • How to avoid hand pain for cyclists
  • How to deal with disappointing results

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