Join us for a discussion on how to break through fitness plateaus, how people do VO2 Max intervals wrong, and a tactics discussion on how to win a bike race without a team. Episode 166 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast is coming right up!

Topics covered in this episode

  • Race analysis of Tahoe Trail 100
  • Why getting stuck behind slower riders may be a good thing
  • How to deal with hot weather in a race
  • What to do if your FTP is not increasing
  • When it’s good to be a heavier rider
  • Why power to weight ratio isn’t everything
  • How to lose weight and get more fit
  • Why maintaining fitness can be tricky to measure
  • Why all Training Stress is not the same
  • Why you could be doing VO2 Max intervals wrong
  • How VO2 Max work can improve aerobic and anaerobic stores
  • Why excessive heat isn’t a good match with intense training
  • How to implement heat training into your plan
  • How heat training can help performance at altitude
  • How to fuel for 24 hour races
  • How to win a bike race without a team
  • How tactics change when you don’t know your competition
  • Does carb loading make you gain fat?
  • How to fit more training into less time
  • How long should a pull last?

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Ian Meintjes

Ian Meintjes is a pro enduro racer and the producer of the Ask a Cycling Coach podcast. Ian’s successful track record in cross-country and enduro racing, along with years of experience as a customer support agent have made him an expert on all things training and racing with power.