Santa Cruz Bicycle’s Keegan Swenson joins us to talk about his two National Championship wins and his unexpectedly bumpy ride at Belgian Waffle Ride, as well as answering your questions on recovery modalities and joining us for a discussion on equipment upgrades and more.

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Intro 0:00
  • Keegan’s learnings from National Championships 1:04
  • Nate’s learnings from Tahoe Trail 100 22:233
  • Managing hunger during training blocks 32:45
  • Tips for strong riders in weak fields 53:09
  • Keegan’s Belgian Waffle Ride experience 1:04:23
  • The value of equipment upgrades 1:36:30
  • Recovery modalities that actually work 1:48:57
  • What’s the best bike and equipment for Leadville? 1:54:26

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