Keegan Swenson is one of the best cross-country MTB racers in the USA, and is currently focused on earning a spot to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve never met anybody who approaches the training process with so much enthusiasm and optimism, and I think we can all learn from that in this interview. Enjoy the podcast, and be more like Keegan!

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Topics covered in this episode

  • Keegan’s ideal dinner before a race
  • Sleep hacks to deal with sleeping in different places
  • Keegan’s morning routine
  • Does spinning on race morning help or hinder your race performance?
  • Ride or Drive to the Venue?
  • What is the best pre-race breakfast?
  • Keegan’s warmup music and routine
  • How Keegan gets “in the zone” on race day
  • Does visualizing the course help you during the race?
  • Keegan’s Sea Otter race recap
  • How to prioritize training vs rest/recovery
  • Recovery tips from Keegan
  • How to fit strength training into your cycling training
  • Keegan’s favorite place to ride
  • What Keegan likes to treat himself with after a successful race
  • Why Keegan wishes he did consistent strength training when he started racing

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