Would TrainNow ever recommend a recovery week?

I am no longer following a plan. Instead for my last 12 workouts I only used TrainNow and did whatever it recommended at the moment I started my training. Today I’ll train again and the next workout recommended is again from the “Attacking” type (Bird -1).

I wonder: If I’d continue to do what TrainNow recommends, will I ever have something like a recovery week, with several workouts in a row being low-intensity, endurance focused?

Have people seen this happen in practice? What would it depend on? Will e. g. my RPE feedback after the workout influence this?

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Nope, as it stands right now, it is not setup to offer recovery weeks. At most, it will lean towards recommending Endurance rides.

TrainNow has a relatively narrow scope, and it is not meant to offer the functions seen in a dedicated training plan.

Probably worth reading through some of the TR support info, if you haven’t already done so.


Great question! I’ve been doing a combination of Train Now and self selecting workouts, so I make my own recovery weeks when needed. I’m over plans. Build phase always destroys me, even with AI.

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