Trainnow recommendations

So last night I looked at scheduling a trainnow suggested workout in the calendar for today, the app recommended an attacking workout. I got distracted by the kids and didn’t add the workout.

This morning used trainnow to schedule my workout and now it’s recommending a climbing workout?

Now both these recommendations were for the same day and seems to have changed? I am hoping to use trainnow to workout around a busy schedule, but not entirely sure how recommended workouts are decided? Some knowledge might help with my workout choice decisions.

TrainNow only suggests something for THAT day, based on your recent history. So if you looked last night and again today, then it might well suggest 2 different workouts given you had another rest day from when you first looked eg last night it looked at your history and said ‘climbing’ would fit, but then you didnt do it, effectively had another rest day and then you looked again. No surprise it saw you even more rested so suggested a higher intensity ‘attacking’ session.


Thanks @Bigpikle

It does seem that I can schedule a trainnow workout via the calendar beyond today. Below is a screenshot of scheduling options for tomorrow’s workout

It’s helpful to know that I’m better off waiting until the day though.

Maybe a feature request, to anticipate a rest period. I do sometimes like to know what suffering I have to look forward too :rofl:

OK - I dont use the app so have never seen that. Still fairly sure that TN isnt clever enough to anticipate a rest day though, as you mention. Seems odd that you can schedule a TN workout in the future when they have no idea what you may, or may not, do before then? Maybe the AI is even more clever than we could possibly know…perhaps they should add a ‘lottery now’ option as well :wink:

The value proposition of “TrainNow” is that it exposes workouts I have never seen in the catalog before. I love TN (not the state of Tennessee, by the way) simply because it keeps my relationship with TrainerRoad exciting and fresh – like a first date, every time.

I mean really, a person isn’t meant to do Baxter day-after-day-after-day. (wink)

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Check out this recent post with the same question.

@IvyAudrain - it might be good to get some clarification on scheduling future workouts with TrainNow since the app allows it. In the linked post, you’ll see a little experiment I did that shows how it’s probably not working as people would assume.

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Thanks @Pbase. Yeh exact same thoughts in the post. For those not using AT in a training plan, I think scheduling your next trainnow workout could he helpful.

Agree, I really like Trainnow. This is more to do with the scheduling of trainnow workouts then the quality of the workouts offered , if that makes sense :person_shrugging:

Yeah, as I mentioned in the other thread, Xert has something similar, but they’re pretty clear with “Can you? Yes. Should you? Probably not”. Not having a forward plan is one of the things I really didn’t like about Xert.