Workout creator - make my own ramp test with set watts, regardless of FTP

I’m using the workout creator to create my own workouts and now I need some help.

I want to create a ramp test that only use specified watt values for each ramp, regardless of my set FTP. I want the ramps to start at 80 watts and go for 3 minutes, then increase with 30 watts every 3 minutes.

Does anyone know how I best do that? The key issue for me is to have the exact watts on each ramp.

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I’ve never used it but if you can’t set the numbers directly then the easiest thing to do is manually set your FTP to 100 just before doing the test. Every number you want to hit is a simple factor of 100 then. You can remove entries from your FTP history after the fact as far as I remember if you want to keep it neat.

Watch the TR YouTube videos, by Nate.

They will show you all you need to know.

@manslennstrand unfortunately in workout creator you can only use percentages of ftp. There is no functionality to use a precise number of watts. Many of the ramp tests that people have produced on trainerroad require you to do as @brenph suggests which is base it on an even number ftp and put that in before the test. For example PPO Ramp test requires that you set ftp to 200. Hope that helps.

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As mentioned above, you can create the test yourself. Just lock in your FTP at 200W and then use the following.

Dr Stephen Lane suggests the following protocol - 2.5min and 25W to start at about 70% and goes up 10% each stage.

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