Ramp test only goes to 185w

I did my first ramp test and it only went up to 185w.
I felt like I could keep going but the ramp stopped at 185w.
I’m using a kickr core in erg mode.

What am I doing wrong? How can I get a higher FTP if the ramp doesn’t go above 185w?

uuhm best to contact the TR support. There was probably some technical issue somewhere. They can help you figure out what went wrong.

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The Ramp test should automatically add steps if you are still pedaling. It may look like it will end, but it keeps adding if you don’t stop.

Are you saying that did not happen?

It didn’t keep adding steps. The test went for 37min as well. I thought it should only go for about 20min

can you share a link to your workout?

That indicates the initial guesstimate FTP was probably too low - normally, the test starts with the easy pedalling at 46% FTP and it adds 6% every step until failure. Normally, if the starting FTP is not too far off (within a few %), that point will indeed be reached around 20 mins (then there’s a 5 min cool down afterwards).

Typically if I am seeing a small-ish gain the total workout time will be 26-ish minutes, with the failure point a bit after 20 minutes (but obviously total time depends exactly on how much I gain or lose).

If it went on for 37 minutes, there may be some kind of internal limit which most people wouldn’t encounter - that many steps implies the starting point was way, way off. Plus the screenshot above shows an FTP (white line) of 136 watts, if you’re saying you were still going fine at 185 then that supports it.

You could try resetting the FTP to something a bit more credible, 200 or something, and see how you get on there.


Yeah, if it’s still the same, TR estimates a starting FTP for the ramp test at 2.0 watts/kg for new users. That estimate could lead to issues like this.

I suspect it’s best to adjust your FTP in the TR settings and redo the test. If you have a reasonable guess at your FTP, you can start with that. If not, maybe a guess based on 3.0 w/kg would be a better starting point.

The general estimate of a 20 minute load time in the Ramp assumes you are testing to roughly the same FTP at the start. If the initial FTP differs greatly, the Ramp test time will vary similarly.

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Thanks for your help Bob.

You’re spot on right. The original FTP starting estimate was too low.
I did what you said and set my FTP to 200. I did a new ramp test and got a must better result.